February 1st, 1944

Hello Darling;

Just a few lines to let you know that I had a good trip and that I arrived back here ok. I managed to get a few winks in during the trip and we arrived about 7:20 so that wasn’t too bad at all. I felt rather tired but I had a sleep at noon hour for an hour and a half and I felt a lot better. Last night I went to the station show but was in bed by 10 o’clock so that also gave me a chance to catch up on my sleep.
Tonight the Eaton’s Masquers are putting on a show for us and I imagine that it will be very good. I wonder if they are from Toronto?
Well dear I certainly had a dandy weekend but of course as always it went to soon but we did have a lot of fun. As always dear I had a nice time with you and it was nice to see the folks and spend some time with them as well. I guess that I will put in for my leave commencing on the 21st of the month so that is just three weeks today.
I’ve been thinking of names for the baby dear and I think your choice is as good as any how do you like Allen and Alex but I think Gary is as good as any.
Well darling I’m afraid this is really going to be short so for now I’ll just close by saying all my love darling.
Your loving husband,



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