January 26th, 1944

Hello dearest

Here it is Wednesday night dear and I thought I would write you a few lines seeing as you will heading back home soon and I am hoping to get this away so that you will have something to read once you return from your trip to Toronto.
I also wanted to get this down on paper in the event that we do not have a chance to talk about some interesting news that has happened around here. I am sure that we will be discussing it with your Mom and Pop when you are here but in the event that the topic does not come up I wanted to give you the news and you can read my letter once you return back to the station.
Last night Marg and Aunt Jessie came over for supper, and once I had put Beverly down for bed I came back downstairs to find Marg in tears and Aunt Jessie holding her. I was concerned that something had happened to Marg similar to what happen to me when I was down in Halifax. But it was quite the opposite dear, she was just besides herself and you can guess who is to blame.
She told Ted the good news about her expecting in the family way and he seemed excited at first. He told her that this was good news and that she will have to remain at the Simpson house until he gets chance to make any additional arrangements for where they will live once the baby comes.
Marg wants so badly to get out of that house and I cannot blame her. When I found out I was expecting dear, my Mom and your Mom were so loving and caring and made sure that I had all the right things to eat and lots of milk to drink. Poor Marg had a completely different reaction when she told the Simpsons that they were to become grandparents. Mrs Simpson, that old witch, told her that she would continue to do all the cleaning and washing and that once the baby comes that Marg would have to make sure that she still had a job so that she could contribute to the household expenses. Marg told Ted how she was feeling and that she did not want to stay there and Ted told Marg that she had to do what was best for the family and that she was to stay with the Simpsons as he thought that they could help her once the baby comes along. I think dear that he is being as supportive as he can give the circumstances.
Marg is just so sad and I wish I could help her but I am expecting our own baby in a few months and dear, looking at her in this state I am just so happy and thankful that I have you supporting me even when you are not at home.
So there you have it. That is the news that has been taking up most of Mom’s and my time as Aunt Jessie can’t be there for Marg in her time of need.
So this makes me think of when I say I love you and that I am so proud to be called your wife dear I truly do mean it. So for now I will will close and I will look for you at the station and amen sure that I do not run too fast into your arms.
With all my love,


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – extra because I love you so much

One thought on “January 26th, 1944

  1. Now I’m furious with Ted. At first he seemed like a brow beaten son who couldn’t stand up to his parents, only to become an ineffectual husband who certainly couldn’t stand up for his wife. She, who was poorly mistreated from the get go by his miserable parents. But now he says SHE HAS to stay there “for the sake of the family?!!” Marg found her voice and for the first time we know about, states that she wants out of there. Her in laws were crystal clear of their expectations: she is to continue being their slave maid and then get a job, before/after the baby is born. And Ted says in response to this, that they might help out after the baby is born? What planet is he on? Denial so thick you could cut it with a knife. He is now complicit in crimes against poor Marg. Run Marg run!!

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