January 16th, 1944

Hello Darling;

Well dear I’ve finally got time to write my little wife a letter. Well here it is over a week since I left Toronto and it certainly has gone fast. I think I can get 48 hours leave next weekend but I think I will wait until the following weekend.
Well dear I have not really had much spare time on my hands but, I did go to a couple of shows last week boy do they ever get real new pictures here. The one on Tuesday night was “The Gangs All Here” a musical with Alice Faye, Kenny Goodman etc. and it was a a good show. the other show on Thursday night was “As Thousands Cheer”. I guess you have heard about it dear, neither one has been shown in Montreal yet and from what I hear we are going to her all our pictures just as new.
I went to the Air Force House on Wednesday night and that really is a good place. It is a huge home that a certain Lady Davis has given to the Air Force in memory of her son who was killed and there is everything a fellow would want to do there. The only trouble with this station is that it is so far from Montreal it take about an hour to get into town from here. I am going around with Bill Campbell the drummer and we took in a show last night downtown and dropped into a restaurant last night and had some real Italian spaghetti and was it good.
Well dear another one of the boys became a pop yesterday. They sent him a telegram telling him the good news. His name is Miller and he is from Toronto too, he didn’t go home but is getting his leave later. It is a little girl and is he ever proud but just wait until I become a Pop. I’m going to buy a real big box of cigars. By the way dear you have seen him and his wife down in Halifax, do you remember when we were out with the Simpsons and I mentioned to you I knew him? The MacBeth twins have brought their wives down here and a lot of the lads are finding places quite easily.
Well darling I hope that you made out OK with the Doctor on Thursday. I hoped to have a letter on Friday or Saturday so I would know but I guess that will be OK seeing as you have just received the mailing address and I am sure that it takes time for the mail to find its way to us seeing as we are all new here.
I think Norm went home again this weekend and he left Saturday afternoon and he only lives in Belleville. That takes about 4 hours to get there. I think that he is going to get engaged pretty soon, and not soon enough as far as I am concerned.
I am going to write my Mom and Dad tomorrow but tell my Pop I could have 10 orders for rings like mine, all the lads think the ring is pretty swell.
Gee darling we had a lot of fun on my leave didn’t we and you look lovelier every time I see you dear. I think that you are going to be a very lovely little mother and so darling I’ll just close by saying I love you very much and write soon.
All my love,



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