January 13th, 1944

Hello darling

Well here it is Sunday night dear and I’ve finally been able to sit down and write you a letter. I’m in my room right now and the temperature is about 15 below but it really is very comfortable in the barracks tonight.
Before I forget dear, I wanted to give you the address of where you can write me, it is, CPL William A Lewis, R115161 No 1 “Y” Depot, Lachine PQ. Now you have all you need to get those letters coming. Make sure that you let my folks know where they can send their letters as well.
I am going to the station show as soon as I finish this as there is a spooky picture on and you know how I like those kind of pictures.
I arrived back from Ottawa Saturday and had a nice time there. It was very cold however. I imagine that you have read in the papers about us getting discharged to the Army. We don’t have to get out of the Air Force unless we want to so I am going to go down to the army recruiting centre when I come home next week and see if I’m physically fir for the army or not. If I am I am going to stay in the R.C.A.F and if I am not I will take my discharge. I don’t know how I will fair in account for my eyes in the Army.
I have had a very quiet day today sleeping most of the day and a little reading. I went to Church this morning and it was very good, although you could see your breath in the church it was so cold. As far as I know my leave will start next Monday and I am due for my 48 hour leave so I will be home Friday night anyway, unless you here different you can count on me Friday.
And how is our little girl getting on? As well as ever I hope. I saw Casanova Brown the other night and if you think I’m fussy when it comes to babies you should see this, it really is very good though.
I got a new pair of shoes the other day, they are a little wide but I will wear them around the station. I also got a new pari of boots.
I would love to have a picture of you and all your beautiful pregnant self down here dear, so if you can manage it. I think it would be very nice dear to get one taken someday when it is not to cold or if you would rather wait until I came home so I could help you it is entirely up to yourself.
You should have let me have that big knitted blanket that you have on you bed dear. I had 6 blankets on me last night and one underneath, but I guess I will just have to struggle along.
I’m certainly looking forward to being home with you for a week dear, boy I really think I’m lucky to be getting home so often again and I just keep thanking the Lord for it as well. I really believe that is why I’ve been so lucky so far. I’ve seen Bert McKee a couple of times lately. He was supposed to have gotten his 48 hour leave this weekend but it was cancelled.
Well darling I’m afraid that is all for now but I’ll write you on Wednesday and let you if I am definitely coming home next week and so for now dear, from the bottom of my heart,
All my love,


XXXXXXXX – Very Cold kisses

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