January 9th, 1944

Bill has been posted to Lachine QC

Hello Darling;

Well here is is Sunday afternoon dear and as it is so darn cold out I thought I would drop you the few lines that I had promised you when I left.
I had a very good train trip dear and dozed off for most of the trip and arrived here about 7:15, it certainly was nice compared to that awful trip down to Halifax.
I was talking to that soldier that was in the station with those 2 girls when you dropped me off in Toronto, he was from Halifax but was engaged to the small girl that was with him. I certainly felt sorry for him to go all that way and leave his little girl behind.
Well as I said we arrived at 7:15 and I think that the temperature was about 20 below zero and there is about 10 inches of snow, it is quite a bit warmer today and is altogether very nice. I think we are going to have a real swell station down here in Lachine and it should be lovely in the summer. Maybe you and the baby can come down for a week once everything is settled with the baby.
Well darling lets talk about the sweetest little wife in the world thats you of course. I can’t get over how really lovely you are looking. I think that marriage must be agreeing with you. We should do it more often, what do you say? There is only one thing I ask dear and that is for you to take real good care of yourself.
I certainly had a swell time on my leave dear. I’m sorry that I could not take you dancing but I didn’t think that you wanted to go yourself and we will have lots of time for that later on won’t we? I loved seeing everybody at New Years and we certainly did have a swell time at home with family and friends. I really enjoyed having Beverley sit on my knee and just think before long I will have one of my very own to bounce up and down. The house looked wonderful with all the Christmas decorations still up and dear, sitting with you listening to the radio was all I ever wanted. Gee dear I get excited when I think of the big day in April coming and yet we haven’t made any good suggestions for names. I think Donna is a nice name for a girl but what about a boy, I have not even thought of a good name.
Dear, I have got some bad news for you, my pipe broke. I think that it must have been the cold or there must have been a flaw in it. I don’t know whether it will do any good or not but I’ll send it down to you and you could take it back and see what you could do dear because I didn’t drop it or anything and it shouldn’t have broke so soon anyway.
I haven’t had much chance to get into town yet, things have bene so busy but I think I’ll get down this week sometime. I was talking to Bert, you know the fellow with the little wife, anyways he brought her down and she is staying at some rooming house downtown but Bert is looking for another place for her. Darling, once I get things settled down here and I know where you can send the mail I will let you know and that way any letters that you write me will not get lost in the post so hold on writing until I let you know ok?
I’m getting all the chocolate bars I want down here dear so don’t worry about anything like hat and so for now dear, all my love and hoping to se you in 3 or 4 weeks.
Your loving husband,



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