December 16th, 1943

Hello darling;

I have just this minute finished reading your last letter dear and was as usual very glad to receive it.
it is Thursday afternoon about 4:45 and things are pretty quiet so this is a good a time to write you as any. We have not heard a thing yet dear about our move and I am just letting things come as they will. I think that you had better hold my gifts down here until you hear from me because we don’t know from one day to another if we are going to move stations.
Well I have not done any more than usual since I last wrote dear. Sunday night I saw a real funny show with Joe Brown. Monday night I saw one of the best pictures I’ve seen in a very long time it was “Princess O’Rourke” and I want you to see it if you possibly can dear as I think that you will really enjoy it.
Last night they had another “last” dance so you can see how uncertain they are. All the boys are sending their wives home in fact about 10 of them went together to the dance on Monday so I guess they had a good time.
Well dear you only have about 8 more days to work how does it feel and I’m not sorry at all because you have to be so careful so you don’t overstrain yourself. Gee do I ever wish that I could get home to keep you warm darling. It is pretty cold down here but the blankets here are not very good at keeping you warm in bed, not like you are dear.
Tell my Mom to write soon and give me the address of those people she wants me to send cards to or it will be too late and she could drop me a letter too as that would be just dandy.
We have not heard a thing about our leave dear but if we don’t get it this month as I said before we will get it in January and I would just as soon have it then as this month if I had to travel on the train from down here but keep your fingers and toes crossed for me anyway.
Well tonight I think I will take in the show in the station that is after we get paid as tonight is pay night too.
I wish that you had of had your picture taken dear. I really wanted one of those to put in my locker but you can have a nice one taken of you and they baby later on. In fact I think that I will be taking many pictures of the baby and using plenty of film that it might cost me an arm and a leg to get it all developed.
Well darling I am sorry that I’ll have to make this a real short letter but I wanted to get it away by tonights mail and I’ll write you again on Saturday night and I hope that I’ll have a little more information for you by then and so dear from the very bottom of my heart,
All my love,



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