December 13th, 1943

Hello dearest;

Well my darling, here it is Monday night, I was going to write you yesterday but I thought I would wait until today to see if there was any mail, but no luck but perhaps tomorrow I will be lucky.
I received your lovely letter Friday dear and was very glad to receive it.
I am feeling fine dear except that I am having quite a time trying to bend over. I have to laugh at myself everytime I bend down. I worked until 6:30PM tonight so I am going to my bed early. Everyone here is fine. Beverley is in bed, finally, and Mom is reading that paper and Pop has gone out to get some chocolates. It has turned very cold here, since Friday and boy I mean COLD. Boy darling how I wish you were here to keep me warm.
I was speaking to your Mom on the phone tonight and she is fine your Pop is working tonight. She didn’t go out all weekend as it was too cold. Mrs Hawkins phoned her today to say that Stan had wired her that he got his commission. I think it is about time that he had it.
I was speaking to Tom Bradbeer on Saturday. I met him in the store and he is still up at Camp Borden, he was asking for you and if you were coming home for Christmas, so I told him the whole story.
Now lets see what I have been doing dear, oh yes, Saturday I went up to Auntie Bessie’s for supper, then after supper I went to Doris’ for a little while as she is making me a dress also my Mom, and we had to go over for a fitting. She is fine and always ask for you. Her apartment number is 12 dear.
Pardon me while I have a chocolate dear. Pop had just come in and he is frozen.
On Sunday I did not go out. I wrapped all my Christmas parcels as well as Mom and Pops, so that took me some time. Auntie Jessie and Marg came over for supper so we just spent some time with them. Marg certainly had many stories to tell about her time down there in Newfoundland but it seems that her and Ted had a wonderful time together. And now that she is back home and has to live with those awful Simpsons she seems so down in the dumps. I guess that they have her doing all the chores again and treating her like the maid and dear if that was me I would just up and leave and tell them what they could do with their mop.
Darling be sure and let m know what to do about Christmas gifts because I gave them all ready to send down to you so be sure and let me know dearest because I will have to get them away to you.
Well darling that seems to be all for now but will write again on Wednesday or Friday, so my dearest loving you with all my heart and praying awful hard that oiyou will be home for New Years.
All my love,



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