December 8th, 1943

Hello darling;

Well dear I have just finished reading your last letter once again and as usual I thought I would answer it once I had some news to tell you.
I’m really sorry to hear that you are under the weather darling and I want you to take good care of yourself and don’t you dare go to work until you feel better. I am still wishing that you would quit work altogether dear because it is too much for you I think, so what do you say? And don’t drink to much whiskey, it isn’t good for expectant mothers. I was talking to the M.O down here and he said that it really was bad for you.
We have been lucky down here, the flu had hardly hit anybody and I really am feeling great these days dear, and I am getting lots of rest. I really think that is why I haven’t even had a cold yet. I have not been to bed any later than 11 o’clock for a couple of weeks.
Well dear you heard about our move. I knew about it 2 weeks ago but I didn’t want to say anything to you until I heard definitely that I was going there as they might be posting some of the boys other places than Montreal at any rate dear I can’t go any further east. That is the reason I didn’t know where I stand in regards to my leave dear but we will know definitely within a week or two and all we can do is just hold tight and I’ll let you know just as soon as I find out darling.
Well honey I have not been doing very much since I last wrote you except think an awful lot of you and dear do I ever miss you. Monday night they had a little get together in the Corporals Club as a sort of final closing of the place and we had a good time but I can’t stand the taste of beer and that is what they were serving. They played cards and I ran the record machine, they have a real swell selection of about a hundred or so popular records.
I would like to get a few of them. That reminds me dear I would have liked to have got one of those records players for you for Christmas but as I guess you know you can’t get one anywhere. I was wondering if Eaton’s had one tucked away somewhere that they don’t know what to do with. We could have a lot of fun with one couldn’t we dear? We could buy records that are wanted, and I just thought of that place on the Danforth near Lindsmore. I wonder if they maybe had one, anyway, let me know what you think of it dear.
Last night they had the last dance on the station but you had to take a girl to get in so I did not go. I guess that the Halifax girls are pretty unhappy about the station moving thing but the boys on the station are really happy, new fields to sow. Tonight they are showing “The Glass Key” on the station show and I think that I will go and see it as I thought it was a dandy picture.
I think that you did very well with your Christmas shopping dear and I really don’t know when I’ll be able to go get anything done because things are so busy and unsettled around here expecting to move at any time. It would certainly be wonderful if it was Montreal. I could get a 48 hour leave once a month and it is only 6 hours by train to Toronto and you know the Air Force, I would not count on anything too much dear because I would hate to see you disappointed but keep on praying, at any rate we will get our leave in January sometime anyway dear so I’ll be seeing you within a month.
Bob certainly had some time on his leave, we was going to spend 2 days in Montreal but one night was enough for him, he woke up in the morning with some gal, and he had never even seen her before and he spent $25 on her and a room so he got out of there as fast as he could. Bob sure knows how to treat the gals right eh?
Well dearest I’m afraid that is about all for now but keep your fingers crossed and you might be seeing me soon until then from your ever loving husband,



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