December 5th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well my dearest here it is Sunday night just about 7PM so I guess I’ll just have your letter finished by the time the Band Wagon comes on after supper.
Well darling I have a bad head cold, but there is an awful lot of colds and flu going around. I have not been to work since Thursday but other then the head cold I feel fine dear. Poor Beverley had got it today and she is just burning up with a fever and what makes it hard is the poor little tyke can’t tell you whats the matter with her at least I can sure yell when anything is the matter with me and darling you should have seen all the whisky I have taken, oh boy!
I received your lovely letter Friday darling and gosh it sure cheers me up and darling I still have my fingers crossed for your coming home at New Years.
I have most of my shopping done dear, I got your Pop a nice white shirt and tie, you Mom a white chiffon scarf and I am also going to get her Pockard slippers. I got your Aunt Agnes a set of underwear and I’ll get your Uncle Jack socks is that OK dear?
I haven’t done anything since I last wrote you dear as I have not been out of the house. I couldn’t got to the doctors on Friday as he would not take me with a cold so I will have to go next week instead. Last night Mom and Pop went to a party so Marg came over to stay with me and she slept on the chesterfield, as I didn’t want her to get my cold. Together we took care of Beverley and what a time we had with her screaming. Mrs Simpson wanted me to go over there for a chicken dinner but I just stayed home and I think that was for the best.
I was talking toy our Mom today and she is fine. Bob Hobbs phoned her on Friday so she was all enlaced and she also phoned me sp we talked for a few minutes and she said he would lay the odds that you would be home so darling I felt wonderful after that. He was leaving a couple of days early as he was going to Montreal for a couple of days.
I heard on the radio last night that the Depot was being moved to Montreal; and I also saw it in the paper gosh dear wouldn’t that be wonderful for you. You were saying dear that you were going to apply to a PT and Drill Instructor, well darling as long as that is what you want to do darling it is OK with me and anyway it will sure keep you in shape and boy you better be because I certainly am going to look forward to it.
Darling you were asking me what I want for Christmas well dear to tell you the truth I really wont know what I need but dearest don’t spend much money on me because it will cost you quite a bit to come home and dearest you are the only Christmas present that I want.
I was talking to Doris today and she had a wire from Bob and he is in Italy so darling we really are lucky.
Well my dearest that is all for now but will write again in a few days, but write as soon as you hear anything about your leave.
Oh my darling all my love to you and hurry home so I can show you.



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