December 1st, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well here it is the first day in December dear and it really is a swell day. I haven’t had a letter form you since last week but I imagine that the mail has been held up by bad weather. I don’t know whether the Star is sending me papers for nothing or not because my subscription ran out not he 25th of November but I am still getting them.
Well darling nothing very exciting has happened since I last wrote you. We are still here and I haven’t heard anything very definite yet so I think we will be getting our leave as planned.
Gee I can’t wait to see you again darling, it will be 5 months since I last saw you dear and it has been a long time especially at night.
Sunday night I went to the station show. Monday night I stayed in and also last night so you can see that I’m quite a homebody now, so there is no need to worry that I am getting up to any trouble. Tonight there is a good show on at the station show so I will be taking that in and there is a concert on tomorrow night.
I don’t know when I’m going to get off to do my shopping. I’ve been keeping pretty busy lately or I could have taken an afternoon off and done some shopping.
We had a little party in the barracks last night it was Lloyd’s Waters birthday and his wife and Mother each sent him a load of stuff, so we really had a lot to eat.
I’m glad to hear that you are still feeling fine and if you take it easy darling and get lots of sleep you shouldn’t have any trouble at all. But don’t forget your appointment with the doctor next week and don’t start eating to much cake and cookies before Christmas darling.
Have you got any of our shopping done yet, if there is anything you need dear, be sure and buy it for yourself. By the way we can wear scarfs down here now, but not the knitted ones. So if you can buy a nice silk Air Force Blue one I wish you would buy it for me dear and send it down as soon as possible.
They are skating up at the Forum now dear and do I ever wish that we were skating together but when this war is over you can bet that we will have a lot of fun together, skating and dancing and of course the little one will be with us except when we go dancing of course. Oh gee dear but I certainly do a lot of day dreaming about us dear we are going to have an awful lot of fun aren’t we?
How often is Ted getting home? I guess he wishes he could afford it every weekend seeing now that Marg has moved back in with the Simpsons. Oh well I guess that the way it goes but I am sure that Marg is missing him quite a bit and are you seeing her often or is she back under the thumb of those rotten Simpsons.
I forgot to tell you dear I’m going to apply to a PT and Drill Instructor. I’ve been doing a whole lot of that work since you went home and they thought I was pretty good at it (ahem) so as it is a pretty good job I thought It would suit me just fine.
I was wondering dear if there was anything particular that you want for Christmas? I can’t think of anything very much that you don’t need except 3 dozen diapers, 1/2 a dozen nipples (or do we need those?) and 1 baby carriage. No kidding dear if there is anything you really want let me know or would you just rather have me surprise you?
When I’m writing this I have your snaps in front of me and do you ever look cute dear, especially that one we had taken down here, gee, but I love you a lot dear.
And even though I am separated from you I really am the happiest guy in the world knowing that I’ve got such a swell little wife waiting at home for me.
Well I guess thats all for now dear and so,
All my love,



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