November 15th, 1943

Hi Darling;

Well here it is Monday afternoon dear and as I am going to a show on the station at 6 o’clock I thought I would get your letter away before I went. The picture “This is the Army” is on at the capital tonight but they had run out of tickets before I got there so I won’t be going off the station today I guess.
I received your last letter today dear and was very glad to receive it except that I had to pay 14 to get it as you did not put a stamp on it so that is 14 cents you owe me toots (haha). I’ll take it out of your account.
I have not been doing anything very much since I last wrote you darling. Thursday night I went to the station show and also on Friday. Thursday night K225 was on and Johnny Come Lately with James Cagney was on Friday. Saturday night the station dance was on but Norm, Paul and myself went to our club and played cards and we really had you on my mind. If I was a drinking man I think that i would have got really drunk, but instead I drowned my sorrow in 2 pineapple Sundaes, 2 glasses of milk and a package of cookies, so that wasn’t too bad was it? You get all of that for 15 cents but I would rather be at Rice’s with you like this old times eh dear?
I met Norman Hall this morning, I don’t know if you know him or not. Marg does I think, I don’t know him very well myself but he certainly is fat now, just a Mr 5 by 5, he got married before he came down.
Norm and I are trying to talk one another into when we are to take our leave. I want him to come home with me at New Years and I think the I have him talked into it. Gee but I can’t wait for it to come but the best thing to do is to not think about it and it will go faster.
I wrote my Aunt a letter on Friday and tried to cheer her up, she has got some things together for the baby and from what my Mom says she certainly is looking forward to it. By the way dear have you any ideas for some names we have better get something lined up. I know you asked in your last letter dear. I am so happy when I think of having such a lovely sweet wife and a baby besides what more could a fellow want?
I picked up my bond on Saturday morning dear and I will bring it home at New Years, how much is it that we have ion our bond dear. Mom says I have $150 at home now. Wouldn’t it be swell dear if the war was over by April and we could be together just the three of us, oh well next year really should see the end of it. Pardon me dear one of the boys have have just brought in a smutty little poem and I will read it before I finish………boy was it a honey!!. I will bring a copy of it when I come back home dear and let you read it, if you can handle it.
Well darling I think that is about all for now darling and so take real good care of yourself and get lots of sleep. So dear loving you with all my heart and only 6 more weeks to go so until then,
All my love



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