November 10th, 1943

Hello dear

Well here I am again writing you a letter after supper as this seems to be the only time that I have a chance to be alone with my thoughts and write to you without being disturbed. Beverley has been nothing but a bother lately. She has not been sleeping dear and Pop gets up with her all the time to allow Mom to sleep which she seems to be doing an awful lot of lately. But enough about that.
How have you been keeping dear and have you been thinking about our exciting news and what you want to call the baby. I know we had talked about it before and I am thinking that we should really take some time dear and put some thoughts down on names for the baby. I will leave it up to you dear to think about it and let me know.
I have another medical examination in a month and I think that is going to be a regular thing based on what the doctor has told me and Mother. I think dear that because of what happened before they want to make sure that I am taking all the right precautions and eating my vegetables and getting lots of milk as you would say. So any time that I go to the doctor I will be sure and let you know in my letters and dear there is nothing more to worry about as we have been doing everything right. I also will make sure that I wear low shoes at work until I decide to quit.
I am a little disappointed dear that you have decided to only take New Years as your leave as I was very excited about having you home for Christmas with all the decorations and the tree and the parties that we could go to together. But I think that you made the right choice about the train being too crowded and maybe the train ticket will be not as expensive if you come home after Christmas and then return lately. All that matters to me darling is that I have you here with me and the time of year does not really matter to me dear, but New Years does sound swell for us being together as we have been for the last 6 years.
When I spoke to your folks your Mom told me that she would be making a quilt for the baby and that just tickled me so much as they think so much of me and the fact that we will be expecting a baby. I think that they are very excited to become grandparents just like my Pop is. My Mom is excited for me as well but I think that as she has her own 2 year old this news is a little more overwhelming for her than she is letting me know. Bill dear I think she is having a real hard time with the baby and I do not know what to do as I am now expecting a baby and I will be busy with our own little one but I hope dear that she will be able to be happy for me soon.
I am so glad that you enjoyed the pictures that I sent down to you dear and I too have to agree that Nan has put on some weight since she got married, and I do not think she is in the same way as I am. I think she has been enjoying herself and it is beginning to show on her, but she is as happy as a lark and really is there anything more we could wish for.
Darling, is there anything you wish to do when you get home for the holidays? I am guessing that we will be staying at your folks home and not here where there is too much confusion. I am glad that we will have our own little room, just like when we were down in Halifax and I know your folks will be there as well, but we will be together and we can sleep in and talk all night is we used to, and that will be wonderful don’t you think?
Will you try and write you Aunt soon dear as I think she will need some cheering up as this whole house situation has really got her down. I will leave that up to you but please take a moment and write her a few lines.
Well darling, I think I will end this letter here and let you know that I am counting down the days until you get home and we can be together and spend so much well deserved time together. So loving you from the bottom of my heart and giving you lots of kisses tonight,



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