November 7th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well dear I received your very welcome letter yesterday and about time too. The main thing is that there is nothing wrong with you darling. I don’t know why you didn’t receive my letter sooner but you know they hold the mail up here once in a while and i think that was one of those times.
I received my folks letter today and got all the local news and the fact that he is going to be a grandpa and my mother is working on a quilt, isn’t that dandy.
Well darling I am glad to here that the medical examination went ok and let me know in your next letter when the next appointment will be and I just wish that I was there to keep an eye on you dear. You know that I would do anything to be home with you and hold your hand as you went to the doctor, and I promise the next time I will be there.
Ted is certainly a lucky guy to be so near to home again. I really envy him, but then I think if all the boys who would envy me, so it doesn’t seem to be bad then. I guess Marg is pleased but then you never can tell I might get a closer posting sometime, who knows. I am assuming she is going with him to his new posting and not going over to those rotten people.
Thanks again dear for the lovely pictures and including one of yourself and Nan Wilson. Nan seems to be quite a chubby little number now eh? Well its married life that is what it is. Oh darling do I ever wish that I could be home with you for good, this war can’t go on forever and I don’t think I’ll be an old man but he time it is over (HA HA).
I have not done very much since I last wrote you darling. Thursday night I stayed in and washed and did a little reading and was in bed by 10 o’clock. Friday night I went to the station show and saw “Hi Diddle Diddle” it wasn’t too bad. It was about this sailor who had a 48 hour pass to get married, well they got married but they just could not seem to get started on the honeymoon. He certainly wanted to.
Last night I had to work until 12 o’clock. I then had something to eat and went to bed. I went to church this morning and it was a very good service. I’m going to have a nap soon as soon as I finish this and I guess I will take in the station show tonight.
The boys were just asking me to come downtown and take in the free show but I want to get this letter done and a way to you as soon as possible. So I told them to go ahead, I don’t want you to think that I did not write you enough dear because I think of you all the time dear and I would do anything to make you feel bad dear but I didn’t get a single letter for myself dear, of a whole week!
I see that my Mom and Pop are counting the days until I get home and no more than I am dear. I think that I will take New Years dear because the train traffic won’t be so bad then and I’ve got a very sentimental feeling for New Years because we’ve been together every New Years for 5 or 6 years now and I want it to be the same way this year.
Darling you know you will always be beautiful to me no matter what, big, small, young, old. I guess that is what true love does to a person and dear our love is more than a physical attraction. I love you from the very bottom of my heart dear and so we’ll just have to pray that we can be together soon.
By the way Sammy Kaye is just playing a song that covers my feelings, have you heard, “I wish I could hide inside this letter, I’d seal me up and send me out to you” Kind of cute eh?
Well darling for now, loving you with all my heart,



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