October 30th, 1943

Hello Bill Darling;

Well here it is the night before Halloween and I am going to take my time writing this letter to you. First darling let me say that I am so sorry that I have not written to you sooner but I have been burning the candle at both ends this week and I figured that I would have so much to tell you dear that I would save it all up for one big letter.
I went to the doctor this week with Mother and first let me put all your fears to rest dear that everything is fine. I took a day off from work as I was not sure how long I would be at the doctors and my appointment was for 10Am in the morning. I was able to eat my breakfast dear and to be honest I was not nervous at all in the morning but once we stepped foot into the doctors office my stomach just about dropped out of me. Darling I immediately thought all bad thoughts because of what happened down there but once I sat down in the waiting room and they called my name I went in to see the doctor and I was not afraid anymore. He did his examination and told me everything was grand and that we can expect our baby in April. I am now calling it a baby now dear as the doctor told me everything was fine and I am in good health and I am putting on the right amount of weight. So dear we can now have our own little celebration when you get home at Christmas.
Once I got home I had a big glass of milk and a few cookies as I was hungry again. So now how are you feeling dear? I hope that you are as happy as I am and that you will now only think of the good things that we will do once we have our own little home.
This week I went over to see your Mom and Pop twice and each time we have a wonderful chat. You Pop was outside tinkering with the car and he left your Mom and me alone while we talked. We talked about your Aunt and how excited she is to be a great Aunt and I think she will live up to that name. Your Mom had word from Mrs. Dean and she was still up north but was expecting to come home soon before the weather turns too cold. As usually dear I had a wonderful visit.
Darling I was reading your last letter for a third time and yes, I do remember all those Sunday night where you used to come over to my place and we would have supper with my folk and then we would all go for a walk or we would listen to the radio and dear and I truly remember those times with love in my heart. We would sit for hours and talk and listen to the radio and every once and a while you would stand up and we would have a dance to one of our favourite songs. I remember all of those times fondly dear and I know from the bottom of my heart that we will have many more years to do all of these things and even more.
Why were you and the boys talking about hope chests dear? I think that is rather funny that the Air Force men would be sitting around in the barracks talking about hope chests and not doing Air Force stuff. But if talking about pillow cases and tea cups gives all of you some hope about what to fight this war over, then I think it is a swell notion for you to talk about. I know how excited I was to fill up my hope chest and thinking about all the nice things in there made me so happy so why can’t that be true for all you fellows down there. I think the difference dear is that you already have a loving wife who can’t wait to use all of those lovely things in our place and some of the fellows are just waiting to get married so that they can have what we have.
I have not heard anything more about Ted and Marg moving as of yet but I am sure that they are busy planning their travel arrangements back to Ontario. Won’t that be swell that she is so close now dear and that we all might have a chance to see her before Christmas. Bill Darling once you know for sure how much time you get at Christmas and New Years will you promise to write me and let me know immediately? I just want to make sure we have some time together and where we will be staying and the idea of having a big Christmas party with all of our friends but I will leave that up to you to let me know.
So darling, I will close this letter by saying I am feeling wonderful and I am very excited to see you in 2 months back here in Toronto.
Loving you more and more each day, from your loving wife,



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