October 24th, 1943

Hi Darling:

Well here it is Sunday evening dear and I have certainly been thinking about you an awful lot today dear. I received your last letter yesterday and was very glad to hear form you as usual.
I have not done very much since I last wrote you dear. Wednesday and Friday nights Norm and I went to the station show and Thursday night we went to the boxing and wrestling show they had on at the station. Saturday night they had a dance on the station but I stayed in and caught up on my washing. I just can’t seem to get interested in dancing when you aren’t with me darling I guess I just love you so much dear.
There was a show on at the station tonight but I had already seen it so Norm and I decided to just catch up on our letter writing. We went to the Capital this afternoon though and saw ” How Proudly we Hail” and it was very good. I am enclosing a clipping that was in the Toronto Star. I don’t know whether you have seen it or not.
One of the boys was telling me that the Glendennings have got a little baby girl, you met them when you first came down here. It won’t be very long for us now darling and I’m certainly looking forward to it.
Norm and I were just talking about all the good times we used to have back home, do you remember those swell Sunday nights we used to spend together. I’ll never forget them and when I used to wish your Mom and Pop would hurry to bed so that we could be alone. I used to like you an awful lot then darling but nothing like the way I love you now. Yes our marriage has certainly made us close hasn’t it.
I’ll try and send your Pop my long underwear this week dear. I guess that they will fit him. I’m glad to hear that you are going to the doctor at the end of the month and do not forget to ask him when you are to quit work. I think that you should stop at the end of the moth dear because I think your have worked long enough dear and we don’t need the money. So darling think it over and let me know and don’t forget to wear low shoes now, and not high heels.
I hear that my Aunt is getting a few little things together and she is tickled over it but keep it under your hat dear. (Pardon me while I have chocolate dear – Norm just bought a 2 pound box of Laura Secord)
By the way dear I bought the Bond and I’ll be getting it in a month or so and I guess that I might as well wait until Christmas to bring it home. My mother said that my Aunt bought her bonds through the bank.
The boys were just talking about the hope chests that their girl friends have just about filled and I said that they might as well get married as soon as they can because if they were as happy and contented as we were dear they wouldn’t be sorry and I mean that honey. I think that we are about the best suited couple I’ve ever seen and that is the way it will always be dear. I just want you to have a real nice home dear and everything you want and you can bet that I will do everything on my power to give them to you, and even though we might be separated for a while I will make it all up to you.
Well darling I’m afraid that is about all for now and so to the best little wife int he world, love from the bottom of my heart.
Your very loving husband,



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