October 20th, 1943

Hello dear;

Well darling here it is Wednesday evening and I have just come in from work and I decided to sit right down and write you a letter before I have to get supper on the go and then I will be going out to the show with Dot from the office.
Everyone here is doing swell darling and Mom and Pop and Beverley are fine and so are your folks. I have been going over to see them at least once or twice a week dear and they are hoping to get a letter form you soon so please take some time and write them a line or two will you?
As I mentioned I am going to the show tonight with Dot. She asked he to go with her because the fellow she is going out with is away on business so she asked me to join her tonight. I like her a lot dear and she is such a good confidante at the office as well as when we go out in the evenings. She is so excited for us to become parents as I think she is not one who wants to have children which I really cannot understand dear. I think that there is nothing more lovely than a husband and a wife sharing their love with little ones and that is what I think we will do with our little one when “she” comes along, don’t you agree darling?
I have been putting on weight more and more each day, or maybe I think I am putting on weight but I think it is wonderful and things are really progressing nicely from what my Mother tells me. As I told you in my other letter dear I will be going to the doctor at the end of the month so I just keep hoping and praying that everything is coming along as we want darling. I have had no other bad signs like I did before and I think that this time we will be seeing a bundle of joy in April some time but I am guessing that the doctor will let me know for sure when I see him.
That is just horrible about the picture frame and all that glass being broken when it was sent down here dear. That is why whenever I need to send something to you I make sure to go to the post office and I have them pack the box for you dear, that way whatever I am sending down I can rest assured that it will make it all the way down to you in one piece. But as I think about it dear I never really send anything down to you that can be broken like a picture frame. I will be sending down to you the pictures that you have been asking for and I certainly do hope that you like them , I think I look rather swell in them.
I am very exciting dear that your Christmas leave is coming up soon as I cannot believe that we have been separated again for almost 3 months and it will be another 2 months before you are back home darling. I think as you said in your last letter that Germany might be on her last legs well I hope you are correct dear and that this war will be over soon and we can get to having our own little bungalow as you always say and that we will have such wonderful times decorating it and looking after our baby.
Bill dear what is happening with the long underwear that you were supposed to be sending back to my Pop? Have you found them and are you sending home home soon or are you going to bring them with you when you come home at Christmas?
I am doing some daydreaming as well dear when I am heading into work thinking about us taking the little one along the Danforth and stopping in for something to eat or even just being at home the 3 of us spending all of our time together and making sure that our little one has as much love as we have for each other dear, I think that would be just wonderful.
Well dear I need to close this letter now as I will have to go down and make supper for everyone and then I will have to go and get ready to meet Dot for the show. So loving you more and more each day and counting down the days until you are back home with me and we can celebrate together.
Love from you still wee wife,



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