October 19th, 1943

Hello darling;

Well dear I have just finished reading your very nice letter and also your very nice cheque and thanks very much darling.
I will pick up the bond down here and send it home to you or I could bring it home with me at Christmas and that won’t be soon enough for me darling. Thanks for trying to get all your Aunts to buy them down here but I’m not counting on winning those extra days very much because some guy down here in another section just bought $2400 worth of bonds which isn’t small beans.
Well darling I certainly haven’t been doing much lately. Sunday afternoon I went to the Capital with Bob and saw “Best Foot Forward” with Harry James but it was rather disappointing over all. Sunday night Madeline Carroll was supposed to come to the Forum but due to bad weather she couldn’t make it so I went to the station show and saw a Henry Aldrich picture and it wasn’t too bad. Last night I went to the station show again and saw one of the saint pictures and you know how much I love those and after that Norm and I played a game of snooker and I beat him so he treated me to a nice big cup of Ovaltine and then I went to bed.
I had a card from Keith Davis he is down in New York you know he said that he liked it very much down there but it was rather expensive to live, but I guess he would like to get home to see his little daughter.
So Ted is getting posted to Uplands that will be nice and I certainly envy him but for every fellow that gets the breaks like that there is a hundred who get posted away from their wives and so honey I think that I’m pretty lucky that I can look forward to seeing the best little wife in the world in about 2 months.
So you are getting chubby? I bet you look pretty cute right now darling and I was looking forward to those pictures you said that you were going to take so don’t forget them darling.
Lloyd’s wife sent a picture down in a frame and it was really a mess when he received it. the glass was all broken and the frame was twisted so I guess it isn’t a very good idea to send a picture like that by parcel post.
I saw Jack Dowds today and he was asking for you darling. He is doing quite a bit of travelling around lately and he is going to St. John N.B tomorrow so I guess he really must be enjoying himself but he looks even thinner than usual so I guess they must be working him pretty hard.
We are getting good meals down here as usual and lots of sugar jam and butter and today we had all the ice cream for dinner that we could eat so I put some cherry jam on mine and made a cherry sundae, and I making you hungry dear?
As yet we haven’t heard any news about getting Christmas leave, or whether we might be getting an extra 14 days a year but I think that they are deducing something up in Ottawa and I wouldn’t be surprised if we did get some extra leave. At any rate I still have my 4 days from my leave coming to me so I can count on getting home sometime.
Well there is a dance on at the station tonight but Norm and I are going out for a change. We are going to the show and see “The Last of the Mohicans”.
Well darling the war news are still saying another 3 or 4 months ought to see a lot of big events. Do you remember what I said in a letter about a month ago? Well I am still willing to bet you that by Christmas Germany will really be on her last legs. I certainly hope so darling because I am doing a lot of day dreaming about us darling. It will really be wonderful to be in our own place with the baby and coming home to you dear. I don’t think I’ll ever want to go out of Toronto for a year after I get home.
Well darling I think that is about all for now and thanks for your offer of getting your Aunts to buy their bonds through me but I don’t think it is worth it darling and so honey I’ll write you on Thursday or so and until then from your very loving husband,



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