October 17th, 1943

Hello dear;

Well dear I just came up from supper and I decided to sit right down and write you a letter and seeing as it is Friday night I thought I would be able to tell you all the news.
How have you been keeping dear, I hope that you are doing well and not spending all your time working and going to the stations shows. I certainly do hope that your inspection went well and that you fellows did all you needed to do in order to make sure that the barracks were tidy and ship shape for your Commanding officer. If I know you dear you had nice tight corners on your bunkie and you made sure all the boys around you did as well.
This week has been one filled with the same old routine dear that I have now settled into now that I am back with my folks and going to work on a daily basis. There has been some talk in the office that the holiday hours might be extended to the first of December seeing as we were so busy last year but nothing is definite yet dear. But I think that I will not be working at that time of year anyways giving my current situation and well, I will make the decision closer to the date dear.
Bill darling you were telling me about the Bond drive you were having back down there and that if your area raised the most that you could possibly get more days off at Christmas. Well dear I made sure to tell your Mom and Pop and then they told your Aunts so we are all going to buy the bonds in hopes that you are successful in winning that prize. So I will be sending down with this letter the cheque for our bond dear and I would imagine that your folks and your aunts will send down separate ones in their letters. I have everything crossed dear that you win.
I am glad to hear that you and the fellows are getting great use out of you new lounge dear, and I think you mentioned that all the game tables and card tables were in the lounge so I hope that you do not spend all your time betting away your pay.
The exciting news around here is that we got a letter form Marg and Ted and it seems that Ted will be posted to the Uplands back here in Ontario. I am not sure when this is supposed to happen but I am guess darling that they will be sending him down here rather soon so that is good news for everyone all around. I guess Marg will be very happy to be getting back to Ontario and that we will have chance to see her once and a while as I am guessing that she will not be moving back in with the Simpsons and to be honest I am very glad that she is making that choice. It seems that Marg and Ted have been getting along so well since she moved down there with him dear and I can only imagine what fun they are having in their own littler room, but not as much fun as we had eh dear?
As I told you before I am going to go to the doctors at the end of the month darling so that is all decided and we can hope for all the best. I am feeling rather well now and I think I am having all the right signs too dear. I did speak with Mother and she said that it is all in gods hands but she said that everything that is happening to my is what happened to her and that is good to hear as Beverley turned out just fine. That is if you consider all the crying that she does otherwise she is just a sweet little girl.
So darling that is all the news right now as I plan to have a quite night at home and get to my bed early as tomorrow we plan to do our shopping own the Danforth and I might take in a movie with Doris as she knows that I am not allowed to go dancing as my loving husband has told me. Bill dear I miss you so very much and I wish that you were here with me when all of these exciting are happening but we will have all the time in the world to experience new things once you get home for good.
So loving you more and more each day and from the bottom of my heart,
Your loving wife



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