October 14th, 1943

Hi Darling;

Well dear I have received your last letter OK and I am sorry that I didn’t get a chance to answer it, but I really have been busy this week. We are having a big inspection this Saturday and we have been practicing in the mornings and I’ll tell you that it has been the earliest I’ve got up for a long time.
I’m also on the canvassing committee for the Vickary Loan and I was at a meeting last night. It was a smoker and they served beer but you know me. The section that buys the most will get an extra 3 days leave at Christmas so you can bet that I’m really going after it so I was wondering dear if we shouldn’t buy a 100$ bond or so. So think it over dear and send me a cheque for what you think, you had better make it soon as possible because the start of the drive is next week.
Well honey lets talk about us now, how are you keeping? Well I hope. You seem to be very well according to your letters and I am glad to hear it dear.
I have just finished reading a letter from my Pop and he was saying that you were all up the house on Sunday so I guess you all had a really good time. Oh darling I certainly miss you more each day and I am glad that I am busy most of the time so that I can forget about things for a while.
So you managed to get five pictures taken well that is a start anyway dear and I’m certainly looking forward to receiving them.
Out new lounge and canteen officially opened tonight so that is what I’ll be doing this evening. They have certainly made a swell job of it and since they are going to have the odd open house there with dances and parties etc. I certainly wish that you were down here to enjoy it with me.
Well dear you know that there are a lot of fellows trying to get into the Air crew as they are recruiting for the job something awful. But you don’t have to worry a bout me dear because I want to be around when I become a father and boy the time is certainly getting shorter only about 9 more weeks darling before Christmas anyway and I’ll be home with the loveliest little wife in the world and darling that is what you are to me.
I heard by the news last night that the Air Force and Army are taking over the business of leaves so they still might decide to give us some extra leave yet, here’s hoping so anyway darling because it would be real nice to be able to get home every 6 months for 2 weeks.
Well dear you haven’t said that you have been to Doctors yet are you going to go darling? I’ll leave it up to you dear to decide when to go but I think that it is about time now. What does your Mom think and you can ask him about working when you go because as I have said before dear I think that you should quit and take life easy for a while because you really do deserve it darling.
I’m glad you liked your purse darling. I was going to phone you on Sunday night and darn it all I thought was that I was not going to be able to get a hold of you so let me know when you will be up at our house and I’ll give you a call.
Well dear I have to hurry up to got o our meeting now and so for now darling I love you very much and just wait and I’ll really prove it to you when I get home for Christmas.
Your very loving, if not a little lonely husband,



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