October 10th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Sunday afternoon again dear and I have just finished playing Norm a game of billiards. I beat him incidentally. We had our supper just before that and I thought that you would be sitting down for dinner at our place and boy did I ever wish that I was home.
I’m glad that you received the purse and like it. I really don’t know what to get you anymore dear you seem to have everything now. Well things have really been quiet since I last wrote you, I’m on duty watch as you know and can’t get off the station it really doesn’t bother me much because there is nothing for me to go off for anyway. Wednesday and Friday nights I went to the station show and Thursday and Saturday nights I was in bed by 10:30. Can you imagine that darling, Saturday night by 10:30? Do you remember all those Saturday nights that we used to spend together, I never got to bed before 2 o’clock Sunday morning Did I? Oh well we have an awful lot more ahead of us darling so we have a lot to look forward to. I certainly hated to home those nights darling and you almost had to put me out at times didn’t you? Yes sir those were the good old days.
Your Dad is quite welcome to those long underwear of mine dear, I haven’t had a look for them yet but I think that they are down here and when I find them I’ll send them home. I guess he wants then before Christmas because I could take them back home with me but if it turns cold in Toronto I guess he will want them.
I’m glad that you told Doris and Dot and my Aunts how you are dear. Dot will not be bothering you to go out dancing with her. I’m pleased to hear that you are baking things too darling and what have you decided about your job dear and also about going to the doctor? You said the you would go at the end of the month. I hate to be always after you like that honey but you know how much I love you and think about you and darling you mean more to me then anything else int he world.
I was going to phone you tonight dear but I didn’t know how long you would be staying at our place and so tell me what night would be convenient to phone you and I will. Some night when you will be at our place so I could say “hello” to my Mother too. So don’t forget to let me know in you next letter, a Tuesday or Thursday would be best I think because the lines aren’t so busy those nights.
So Doris is going to make the baby some clothes, that is certainly nice of her. I guess my Aunts and my mother will give her a few things to do. I kind of hope that it is a girl dear, because it will remind me of you but it really doesn’t matter and whatever God decided will be just fine for me.
I was at Church again this mooning dear and it was a real nice sermon and this afternoon I spelt 2-5 so that was this afternoon gone. It won’t be very long to Christmas dear and don’t be too surprised if Germany is out by then. The Russians are really out for the kill now and the news looks pretty good. Oh by the way dear they have cancelled the 28 days a year leave for this Army and I was that article in the Star so you don’t have to bother sending it down. I think that they are deciding that all 3 Services should all get the same leave right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made an announcement about it soon.
Has my Aunt and Uncle decided what they are going o do, I hope that they give up their place because it is really too big. But they couldn’t close it up for the winter and then again they wouldn’t like to rent it to anybody. Oh well we will see.
So you are filling out dear and just where I like it. You had better not say things like that to you will have my hopping the next train home. Yes sir I certainly miss you at nights darling and we certainly have a lot of loving to catch up on haven’t we dear? Oh well we have a long time ahead of us yet. But just wait until I get home for Christmas then oh boy. It is only 2 and a half months away so that isn’t bad at all.
Well I guess that is all for now honey, but I’ll write just as soon as I get you next letter and so for now all my love dear from the bottom of my heart.
Your very loving husband,



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