October 6th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well dear I received your very nice letter on Monday dear and since I wrote you on Sunday I thought I would wait a couple of days until I had some news but things have been so very quiet this week that I am afraid this won’t be a particularly long letter.
I haven’t had a letter form my folks for a while now. They owe me a letter but I wrote one yesterday anyways. Tell them that I look forward to getting a letter just as much as they do so how about getting them cracking?
Well dear I went to the Navy show on Sunday night and had a fair time but I think that the Air Force show should be better. Mart Kenny was giving a show at the Forum the same night and if I had known that then I think I would rather have gone and heard him. Monday night I had to work until 1:15 or so and that finished that night for me. Last night I went to the station show and saw 2 really good pictures, one was “Action in the North Atlantic” with Humphrey Bogart and it was a dandy picture. I didn’t get out until 11:30 and so I was a little later getting to bed. I’m on duty watch so I won’t be going out but I have only been to one show downtown other than the Sunday afternoon ones, since I came back off leave.
Well honey I hope you are feeling well, have you been to the doctors yet? You said you would go you know so don’t forget will you and what are you going to do a bout your job? I want you to quit in a couple of weeks darling because you don’t have to work and I don’t want you to take any chances. So let me know what you are going to do in your next letter darling.
Do you realize that it is almost half time before I come home again, it seems to have gone pretty fast, not fast enough to suit me darling. I certainly miss you an awful lot darling and love you an awful lot more.
Did you speak to my mother about your folks taking over the Browning Ave place? But I guess it would be a lot of trouble for your folks with their furniture to be stored but it wouldn’t hurt to see what you could do because I know that if my Aunt and Uncle gave it i up they would like to get somebody like your Mom and Pop but it was just an idea anyways dear.
So you think that two bedrooms would be enough dear well I guess we could put all the children in one room at that darling. I hope that you are planning just the kind of place you want dear because that will be the first thing we do after the was and that is build ourselves a house. What kind of a bedroom suite do you want darling? Boy I’ll be the happiest guy in the world when we get our won place after this is all over and we start catching up on our loving.
I’m glad that you aren’t running around with Dot dear but I don’t see why you don’t tell her that you are expecting and that you can’t go dancing with her because it will save a lot of trouble. Oh darling do I ever wish I was home with you but I guess it is best the way it is because you are getting lots of rest and the best of foods and I want you to buy anything you desire dear.
Darling I want to thank you for going over to see my Mom and Pops once and a while they certainly look forward to seeing you because you are just like a daughter to them dear because they certainly think a lot of you darling and confidentially I think a lot of you myself.
Well dear I think that is about all for now so I’ll just close by saying all my love dear from a very lonely husband,



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