October 3rd, 1943

Bill Darling;

Well dear, I just received your lovely letter and I decided that I would sit right down and write you back so that I can get this letter in the evening mail and it will get to you soon.
In your letter you were talking about listening to the radio and all the wonderful songs that you are listening to and how they remind you of spending time at my house and how Mother was mad at you for telling me not to work. I can remember sitting in the front room or out on the porch and listening to the music and just talking for hours and hours and that seems so long ago doesn’t it dear? Well before you know it you will be home for Christmas and I am promising you that we will spend some time listening to the radio and we will dance, even if it is in our bedroom I will make sure to dance with you dear.
I have not starting my knitting but I have been thinking about it and I have started to look for some patterns that I can use and what colours I should be knitting with. I think that I will knit something in both blue and pink so that we have something in either case, but I think I would like to spend more time using the pink knitting dear, do you think that would be OK? Would you like me to knit something in pink?
I was out to the show the other night with Irene and Jessie after work and you would not even guess who we all ran into, but Dot from the office, you remember her don’t you dear, she was the wild one form work and the one who danced up a storm at our wedding. She actually looked lovely when I saw her and she made me promise that I would meet her for lunch the next day in the Eaton’s cafeteria. So the next day we met for lunch and we really had a nice time catching up on what all the news is. She told me about her new boss that she has been spending time with, he is divorced and he has 1 little boy. She is really excited about the time she has been spending with them and I think between you and me she has wedding bells ringing in her head. But Bill dear, I think that she his making more out of the situation than what is real as you and I both know what kind of men work in these offices and what they do with their secretaries but I will just leave that to your imagination which I know from experience is very active. I only wish her the best and she said that she would like to come around at Christmas and see you if that would be alright. I did not tell her the exciting news yet, but if we meet again soon I will let her in on our little secret.
Your Mother was speaking to me last night and she said that she had not received a letter form you in over a month so dear, please take the time to write you Mom and Pop and let them know how you are doing and give them something to talk about as they are missing you something awful. So dear please promise me that you will write them a few lines this week and then they will write back.
On our nightly walks with little Beverley we went to the park and you should see her run around with the other little kids that were there. She was so happy and laughing and giggling, it was such a drastic change to the little screaming Beverly that we are all used to listening to when she is going to be pout down for bed. It certainly was a nice change.
Bill dear, do you know for sure that you will be coming home for 5 days at Christmas? It would certainly be lovely if we could plan a party like we used to do and have everyone over and sing and dance and have some wonderful baked goods but I will leave that all to you to let me know in your next letter.
I will try and take some pictures for you dear as soon as I get some film for the camera.
Well dear I am running out of write paper and I will have to run to the store tomorrow and pick some up, so until then I will end with letting you know that I miss you more and more each day so hurry home as you little wife misses you and love you very very much.
All my love,



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