September 30th, 1943

Hello Dear;

Well here it is Thursday evening dear and I have decided to write you a few lines to let you know all the news here back in Toronto. I am so happy when I get your letters dear.
I have been feeling pretty grand these last few days even though I have been running around town visiting and working but that is OK as it makes the time go by so much faster dear.
Darling, I have thought about work and what I am going to do, and I have decided that the end of next month might the right time to stop working and take care of myself as you always say. I think after I see the doctor later in the month that I will make a final decision but until then I think this is what is best for me.
How have you been keeping dear? Have you been going to the station shows as much as you tell me about? I think that keeping yourself busy besides working and having night duty is a good thing at least it will keep your mind from wondering too much.
I finally heard from Marg directly this week and from her letter she has been having a wonderful time with Ted down there. She is still not working but I think she is enjoying her time with Ted and just being together is a wonderful thing. I hope that they are having as much fun as we did dear, and that they are getting a much time together as possible in the event that Ted gets posted somewhere else. Marg did mention that Ted would have to go to Dartmouth for a few days so Marg is going to stay in Newfoundland where they are and have some time to herself. From what I can remember dear, Marg does not do too well being alone so I am rather shocked that she would stay alone down there but I guess she is feeling quite strongly about the whole thing. So I guess you might have a chance to see old Ted, and I certainly hope he is in a fine mood if you do get a chance to see him.
I went over to visit your Mom and Pop the other night and I call them every night so that they know what is going on with you seeing as I am the one who gets all the lovely letters. It seems that your Aunt has not been feeling too well and she is thinking that she might have to do something with her house. Again dear, we have all discussed this with your Mom and Pop and my mother and father and it seems that there might be a chance, if not a small chance, that we might be able to rent the house when the time comes. But we will all have to wait and see what your Aunt decides and whether or not she is able to keep up the house. There has been some talk that she might be moving in with your Mom and Pop and if that is the case I think that I will go and stray with my mother once the little one comes along as there will be too many people in your house and I think with that many people there comes along too many opinions on what to do with a baby. So I will have to make my mind up soon dear, but not right away. This is something that we can talk about when you come home dear.
I think that would be a lovely idea, going up to Haultain and spending summers up there and just relaxing but dear I did see that you were talking about “children” and dear we really need to take it one day at a time and one child at at time as we do not know how long this war is going to last and what we will all do once it is over.
It would be lovely too have a little bungalow with a few rooms and then you and I can do whatever we want whenever we want just the two of us loving each other the way we know how to love.
So darling I will close now and I want to say that when you write me and tell me about all the things that we will do int he future it makes my heart so full and I only wish that you were here with me right now so we can start our lives together.
Loving you more and more each day, form your loving wife,



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