September 29th, 1943

Hi Darling;

Well here it is Wednesday afternoon dear and as I received your very nice letter yesterday dear I thought I would answer it today.
Well dear I have not done very much since I last wrote you as I told you in my last letter dear I went to the show Sunday afternoon and then went out agin on Sunday night to the station show. Monday night I went to the show again and last night too. So you can see that I really haven’t been doing very much at all but I am up to speed on all he pictures that are out.
I certainly am glad to hear that you are feeling well again dear. I was really worried about you darling. I guess I really love you to much darling but you know that already.
Gee but I’ve been doing an awful lot of day dreaming lately honey, I’ve really got such an awful lot to look forward to after the war; first I’ve got the sweetest loveliest and best natured little wife in the world to come home to and then who know there will be a little Doreen to come home to as well. We will certainly be happy in our little bungalow won’t we dear? What colour do you want the kitchen to be? I hope that you have everything figured out because we will start building as soon as we can after the war dear.
How many bedrooms do you think that we should have? I think that it would be alright if the baby slept in one room which would be the nursery and the other 2 children could share a room of course and then there would be a nice large bedroom for the two of us, but we have an awful lot of loving to do before we make any of those decisions. We certainly will have a lot of fun planning and building our place won’t we dear? And then furnishing it we have quite a bit of stuff to start with haven’t we? And with you as my wife dear I certainly hope to do a lot of wonderful things.
In the summertime I’ll send you and the children and my Mom up to Haultain and give you a real vacation. I think that would be real nice and your Mom could go up too and you little sister. It think that would be swell.
You know darling, thinking about you has kept me going because I certainly miss you an awful lot darling, so how about send ing me some more snaps of yourself. I have been waiting for 3 weeks so how about putting on a nice dress and taking some photos for me because in a few months you will not be able to fit into such a nice dress.
I guess your Pop would like to get some information on your new place, it is too bad that you could not be in by Christmas but I guess you will just have to wait. Have you decided where you are going to be when you come out of the hospital dear. I would like you to come to our own place but I guess you would like to be with your Mother so I’ll leave it up to you anyway you have a lot of time to make up your mind dear.
Well I guess that I will go to the station show tonight again. Mart Kenny was here last night and will be here for 2 nights more but I really haven’t any desire to see him.
Well I had better get onto something else dear or I’ll be getting sentimental again, so for now darling all my love.
From your sentimental husband,



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