October 3rd, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Sunday afternoon and I have just finished reading your letter dear and I was very glad to receive it.
I am writing this from our new lounge, you know in the drill hall they have lots of writing paper around but no envelopes so I had to borrow one from Norm.
I really have had quiet time since I last wrote you darling. Thursday and Friday nights I was at the station show and last night I spent one of the quietest Saturday nights I’ve ever spent. I was in bed by 10:30. They didn’t have a show or anything on at the station and Mart Kenny was at the forum and I didn’t want to go there so Norm and I just loafed around listening to the radio. We came up to the snack bar and had a glass of milk and 2 cookies that is what we have every night now before we go to bed, and it certainly tastes good but what I’m looking forward to is having our own place after the war and getting whatever I want before I go to bed and also after I go to bed (HA HA).
I’ve just been playing records for the last hour dear boy they really do have some swell ones, they have about 8 or 9 books with about 30 records in each and each book has one orchestra pieces in it so you can just imagine what a selection they have. That is something we will have after the war dear, a record machine and all the latest records, wouldn’t that be great, there are a lot of things I’m looking forward to darling but getting home to you is my main ambition and we will never have to be apart again dear.
So Ted is going over to Dartmouth, it isn’t too bad over there. I’ve been over a couple of times and it is OK. I guess he was looking forward to a posting back in Ontario. I should see a little more of him now, if you write to Marg tell him to come over come Saturday night and stay over until Sunday because I can give him a bunk and his meals, and it would be nice to see him again.
I’m sorry to hear that my Aunt is not doing too well and I think it would be a great idea to rent or sell the place and more in with us. I tousled be nice if your Mom and Pop could rent it but I guess it would be too big for them but it would be dandy for your Dad to get to work but it was only an idea anyway.
I’m glad to heat that your are doing tot he doctor at the end of the month dear so give me the news as soon as you hear. The time is sure creeping by isn’t it honey only about 6 more months to go and I’ll be the happiest guy in Canada.
Have you started to do any knitting to don’t you start that until about 2 or 3 months before? I’m glad that you are feeling so well and taking such good care of yourself darling and I want you to quit work at the end of the month and I really mean it darling, so I think you better give your boos his warning.
I am waiting for a letter from my Mother, so tell her to drop me a little note because the sooner that she writes me the quicker she will get an answer.
Gee darling, I certainly do love you an awful lot, the radio is playing in here all the old favourites we used to know, do you remember, “Once and a while”, “Careless”. They certainly being back a lot of old memories and good times that we’ve had. Do you remember on Saturday morning when I used to call at your place and you would ask me in and you Mother would get sore because I wouldn’t let you work and I remember that flowered dress you wore with the zipper down the back and do you remember that pink dress that I really thought you looked gorgeous in? I guess it was more the person wearing the dress that I actually love. All of this makes me feel homesick dear, oh well this war can’t last forever so we’re going to have about 50 years of good times ahead of us aren’t we darling?
Well honey I think that is about all the news that I’ve got for now but take good care of yourself dear and give my love to your Mom and Pop and little sister. And darling I love you very very much.

All my love,



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