September 22nd, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well here it is your old Toronto gossip wife with just a few lines to you today as I will need to rush out this evening to go and meet Irene for the show.
I hope you are keeping well dear, in fact I am doing much better now than I was before when I wrote you I am actually feeling quite grand. We have had a warm spell lately and it really does feel like spring darling and I wish you were here with me right now.
I am so sorry dear that it is taking so long for the post to get to us dear as I really do wait for the postman to deliver the mail as I know some of it is for me especially your lovely letters. But don’t you worry dear I always take my time reading your letters and some times I read them over and over again before I go to sleep and I think of you when I drift off to sleep.
Time is certainly going by quickly dear as I think about the little room we had for over 6 months just you and me together and yes darling we did have some wonderful times together. I hold on to those times and think that before long we will be together as you say once this war is over.
Christmas is right around the corner darling and I think that I will need to be very careful when I am working if I decide that I am going to stay working. Then you will be home on your leave and we can have a proper celebration for you being home and for us to welcome our little bundle of joy into the family, won’t that be nice darling?
So darling I really do need to dash and meet Irene but I wanted to make sure that I wrote you and send this along as soon as possible after getting your letter and reading it over and over again.
So dear please write to me soon even if you just tell me about all the thing you and the fellows are doing it really makes me feel that I am closer to you than being 800 miles away.
So loving you from the bottom of my heart every day,
From your loving wife,



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