September 21st, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Tuesday night and I’ve just finished reading your lovely letter for a third time. I have just come up from playing pool with Norm and Jack and I decided I would answer your letter right away dear.
There is just three of us in our lounge and it really is nice and peaceful so I hope that I will be able to write a nice long letter even though things are pretty well the same and that is quiet.
I’m sorry to hear that it took so long for you to receive my letter but I thought that is would be quicker to send it that way then by Air Mail as the weather was pretty bad down here for a couple of days and I thought the planes would be grounded. However the main thing is that you received it alright.
Well dear I haven’t done very much at all since I wrote you last. Last night I saw a dandy picture “Forever and a Day” and I really liked it and tonight they are having a dance but I don’t think I will go.
I’m very glad to hear that you are feeling so well dear and I just hope you go on being that way but I don’t see why not as long as you take things easy and get lots of rest and the right food because we can’t take any chances this time can we darling?
The time is certainly going by here, it is about 3 months until Christmas, oh well dear there is no use being impatient we have all our life ahead of us and the main thing to me is that I have the right gal and a more loveable, sweet and affectionate wife I couldn’t have found anywhere and I really mean that darling. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I ways will and when next April or May comes around I will be the luckiest and happiest husband in the world.
I’m glad that you told my Mother. I bet my Pop will be tickled when he hears all of it. I wold like to be a secret right up to the moment when we put the baby right in his arms and you and I would say “It’s all ours Pop”. That would make it all so wonderful isn’t it dear, it is something out of our love for one another and when we look at her we can think that.
By the way darling what happened to those pictures you were going to take. You haven’t forgot have you because I’m going to worry you until you forward some down to me because seeing pictures of you dear cheers me up more than anything else is the world and I would certainly like a real big photograph, you know one of those glamour shots.
Gee dear, I have been doing an awful lot of daydreaming about our home after the war we are going to have the nicest little place that your heart desires. One room with you dear was heaven to me, we certainly did have a lot of fun didn’t we dear? Oh well dear this darn war can’t go on for ever and I thank God that we were lucky enough to have 6 months together whereas lots of couple only had a week or two at the most.
That is like the fellow that took Bob’s place, his name is Lloyd Waters and he is a real nice guy. He got married last April and he and his wife were only together for a week and he thinks we were really lucky.
Well my darling I think hat is about all the news for now, but I will try and drop you another line before the end of the week and so darling, don’t worry about anything. I’m just fine and dandy down here and getting lots of sleep (darn it) and you look after yourself dear. And thank your Mother for me for taking so good are of you and so until Friday darling.
From your loving husband, all my love dear,



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