September 19th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Sunday at 12 o’clock exactly and I’ve just returned from dinner dear. I received your last letter yesterday dear and was very glad to get it as usual. I also received your chocolate dear and I want to thank you very much for it.
I was expecting to receive the pictures that you said you were going to take last Sunday but I guess that they will be along in a while but I certainly am looking forward to receiving them as you know. I am very sorry to hear that you did not receive my letter but I wrote you last Saturday and mailed it Saturday night so I really do not know what held it up. I also wrote on Wednesday dear but the weather wasn’t very good down here. I sent that regular mail as I thought you would get it sooner.
Well dear I have spent a very quiet week and I have not been off the station all the time. I went to the station show twice on Wednesday night I saw “Flight for Freedom” and not was pretty good and on Thursday and Friday nights they had 2 pictures that I had already seen so I went to the gym and had a little work out. I want to be in good shape for that trip back home at Christmas.
Last night they had the station dance but I stayed in and did a little washing and listened to the radio, but that always makes me a little sentimental dear because it reminds me of all the good times that we used to have on Saturday nights and we really did didn’t we dear. Do you remember when we used to go to the Palais Royale and the time we would go to the show. Oh well this war has just made me realize how much I am missing and I’ll really appreciate it more when its over.
This morning I went to Church as I figure that is the best way for us to be together again dear. I really do think that praying does a lot of good so I’m certainly trying anyways.
Now prepare yourself for a surprise dear. I was reading Monday’s Star and whose name do you think I saw as having a baby, Davis. They had another daughter on the 11th so if you have the paper go on and look it up. Remember I told you that they were going to have another, boy they certainly do not waste time do they?
Its a nice day dear down here and so I ever wish I was home to enjoy it. I certainly miss you something awful darling but I guess that there are an awful lot of other couples in the same boat so we will just have to bear it but a nice big photograph of you in my locker will help me so don’t forget darling to get a real nice one taken and send it down here dear as soon as you can.
I’m glad to hear that you are taking things easy dear and getting to bed early. You will feel better for it and it will be a lot easier for you later on if you get the right food now so look after yourself darling because you are there most important thing in my life and you get anything that you desire dear.
I hope that Mom and Pop Booth are fine and little Beverly is keeping out of trouble. My she must be getting to be a big girl now, it seems hardly any time since you saw your Mother in the hospital that day. I just hope that the next year or so goes as fast and we can be together for always dear. The five of us (HA HA) I mean 3.
Well I guess that I will be closing now as Bob and I are going tot he show at the Capital this afternoon, It is “Coney Island” and they say it will be pretty good. I think we will walk down. Bob got out of the hospital Wednesday and he was off until tomorrow. They really do not seem to be able to do anything very much but it can’t be too serious as they are not going to discharge him.
I guess Dorris must miss her husband so I guess that we are lucky aren’t we dear since we have had about 7 months together and they’ve had about 2 weeks and there are thousands of cases the same as them so darling I’ll just close by saying Chin up darling and I love you very much and miss you an awful lot.

Your Loving husband,



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