September 18th, 1943

Hello dear;

Well here it is Saturday afternoon and I am writing you this letter in hopes that I can get it into the post before the mail is picked up that way it will make it down to you before mid week.
Bill dear the first thing that I should tell you in the event that you get a letter from your Mother is that I told your mother the good news about our little “Bundle” that will be heading our way. I went over to see your Mom and Pop last night and we sat right down and had a lovely talk. Your Mom served up a nice big slice of pie and before I could even take one bite I told her about the good news. She was so supportive and happy for us, and was wondering why it took us so long to make it happen. Of course I did not mention what happened when I was down here but rather just focussed on the great news. She was so happy that she ran in and told your Pop which I course he ran over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. So I guess the word is out. They are so happy that they will be grandparents and I did not tell them that we were hoping for a girl as that is our little secret dear.
Yes dear, I think that the “bundle” is due in early to mid April if my counting is correct. I have decided that the end of the month that Mother and I will go to her doctor as that would have been 3 months and things should be OK by then.
Your letters have been delayed again dear and they have not been coming as quick as they used to. I am assuming that the mail is delayed or that you have forgotten to write as much. Either way I received your letter and I am answering right away. It is nice to hear that you are taking advantage of the canteen and that you are enjoying yourself with a Sundae everyday and I hope that you do not get too attached to this as I will not be serving sundaes every night for dinner when you come home.
It is nice t hear that you are enjoying going to church every Sunday and maybe listening to some good sage words of advice. We have not gone to church as often as we used to. Beverly has been nothing but cranky these last few weeks and I think Mother would not like to have as bene in church is the baby acts up. She is growing like a weed lately and I think all the clothes that Mother has for her will no longer fit when it starts to get cold outside. So we will have to do some shopping for her and again this is an additional expense that makes me think that I will need to continue working at least up to the holidays.
I think dear that you should write Mrs. Dean and she how she is doing seeing as she has always been so nice to us when we go up to Haultain. And yes dear I think about getting away up North with you all the time and now I can start to think a bout next summer when there will be 3 of us and we can spend some long summer days and night together.
We finally got a small letter from Marg this week and she let us know that she is still not working but is having a really swell time in Newfoundland even though it has turned cold there. She is glad to be with Ted and is excited about coming home to see me when the “bundle” has finally arrived and then she asked why i was not thinking about naming her Marg. I did not have the heart to tell her that that name did not even cross our minds I just think that I will tell her that we have decided on different names.
It is nice to hear that you are spending some times with both Norm and Jack and I certainly hope that they are keeping you out of trouble or at least you are keeping them out of trouble down there. Well darling I will finish up now as I want to get this letter in the mail right away so it can make it way down to you as soon as possible.
So loving you with all my heart and wishing the next 3 months will go by very quickly,
From your loving wife,



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