September 16th, 1943

Hello dearest;

Well here I am again your old Toronto gossip wife and I thought I would write you a few lines today to give you some of the news from Toronto.
Have you been keeping well dear, I hope that you are not going out to too many dances and having too much fun (HA HA). I think I know from your previous letters that you are not going to the dances and enjoying yourself. You know darling that when you tell me how much you miss me and how much you wish I was there with you you know that I feel the same way. I think of what we will be doing once you get home for good and this little bundle comes along what fun we will have setting up our little house and having so many visitors and parties, this is what gets me through all the lonely nights.
We had a fire on the street last night you should have seen the crowd. Everyone was out on the street in their night clothes and we all were looking at the poor family who just stood there on the street and looking at their house while it was burning. By the time the fire department arrived the entire house was in flames and all I could think of was the poor family and what they would do now as everything they owned was gone. I was looking for Mr. Simpson to see if he was here as he is the chief but he was not so I guess it might have been his day off but I was surprised that with all of the commotion that he did not come over and see what was going on, but again maybe Mrs. Simpson would not let him out of the house.
I am sometimes feeling a little bit sick in the mornings still dear and I am wondering when this will all pass but Mother says that sometimes this could last the entire time so I am hoping that this is not the case for me. When I take the streetcar to work it gets so hot and stuffy that I break out into a full sweat as I think I might be sick and then I am sweating all the way down my back that I get off a stop early just so that I can get some fresh air while I walk to work. Work has been fine, in fact I tend to loose track of time as we are all so busy with packages.
Beverley is becoming quite the big girl now dear and you should see her running all over the house. She likes to stand on the couch and look out the front window and see who is walking down the street and then she waves to everyone she sees. I bet she is going to be a charmer when she grows up and be quite the social butterfly. I just think to myself that in spring I will be able to look at our bundle and wonder the same things about them.
I went over to see your Mom and Pop on Monday and they are doing fine and dandy. They really are very nice to me and they always want to know how their boy Willie is doing and what has he been up to, and I tell them about all the pictures you go and see and how you have become quite the snooker player which gives your Pop quite a laugh.
So dear that is the newest gossip from the street so I will end now but before I do I will let you know that I love you very much and I cannot help but think about the exciting news we will be able to tell everyone rather soon.
Loving you more and more each day, your loving wife



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