July 17th, 1943

Hello Darling:

Well here it is Saturday afternoon and I’m back in my own little nook at the Depot here. I had a pretty good train ride dear and we were only 4 hours late so that isn’t too bad. I arrived in here at 2:30AM this morning and all and all I feel pretty good about the trip.
It certainly was tough parting dear but then we are lucky seeing how I’ll be getting up in about 5 months but then I’ll keep an eye open for a nice place again for you dear.
Well I’m pretty well settled in my bunk down here and I’m in with some real good fellows and so I’m going to be fairly well connected for a while anyway. They are showing “Air Force” on the station show tonight and Monday they are showing that Frankenstein picture. The orchestra is going on leave today so we won’t be having any dances for a couple of weeks but then as you are not here I won’t miss very much.
How is my Mother? I hope that she did not take to hard that I came back here as soon as I did. I know that me taking you back down to Toronto was a blessing, but she had to realize that I would eventually have to come back here to the depot.
I guess I should tell you more about my trip back. We got in to Montreal about 6 o’clock Wednesday night and so I had my supper at Murray’s with another fellow I met on the train and we then got the 8:10 train for Halifax and the train was not anywhere near crowded.
Bob Hobb’s is home on leave now so it is to bad that I did not know that or we both could have come back down here together.
Well dear I certainly had a marvellous time at home, and I am just sorry that it had to come to an end so soon but then that is the way it always is, all good things must come to an end. Well I am going to get to bed early for the next month or so to catch up on all my sleep and I think that I’ll have lots of opportunity, and have you gone back to your Mothers yet? Try and drop in and see my folks now and again will you dear? I know that you will be rather busy getting ready to go away for your vacation up north.
Oh by the way dear write Mrs. Mullens as soon as you can so that the cheque can be forwarded on to you dear in case you will need any money for your holidays and don’t skimp on anything you want dear and you open up an account at any bank that you think is handiest for you dear.
I have your clocks and a few odds and ends around dear so I’ll hold on to them until you need them. Well darling I’m afraid that I have not got much more news to tell you right away but I knew that you would be waiting to hear how I had made out on my trip. So you can tell my Mother that I arrived fine and that I am feeling just dandy this time. I will write you and my Mother on Sunday or Monday for sure dear and try and give you a little more news so in the meantime I hope that you have a real good weekend dear and darling you know how much I love you so I’ll just close with,
Love from your lonely husband,



P.S – tell Marg to take her fur lined coat when she heads down to Newfoundland.

April – July 1943

It was during this time that Doreen would need the support of Mrs Mullens more than she would ever know. After working for a few months Doreen noticed that she has been putting on weight and that sometimes she would feel sick. Before long it became evident what the problem, or more like, the unexpected gift was.
She and Bill could not contain their happiness, and all the things that their family and friends had been joking about was about to come true.
Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Alone in her one room Doreen lost everything they had been planning. Doreen leaned on Mrs Mullens who helped her through this terrible time. She was kind, thoughtful and was always there if she needed shoulder to cry on.
Bill continued to work in the administration offices in Halifax and Doreen went back into work at Eaton’s. Back home, Doreen’s parents were in the process of moving and little baby Beverley celebrated her first birthday. Life continued to move along but it became evident that the war was not going to be over any time soon. Doreen and Bill decided that having Doreen continue to stay in one room was not fair for her, so it was agreed to that she would return to Toronto.
Before she would return Bill was granted another 5 day leave and they planned a trip to explore Nova Scotia. They set off of day glorious days along the coast and stayed at some real “swell” places.
Doreen boarded the train and headed back to Toronto with Bill this time where he spent a few days in Toronto. He then traded another train back to Halifax and Doreen once again returned to live with her parents and wait for Bill to return in 5 months.

January – March 1943

Dear readers;

There are no letters during this time between Doreen and Bill, however I do have the information to fill in the blanks until the letters pick back up again later in 1943.

Dorren made it! She made her way down to meet Bill safely on December 29th, 1942. This was of course after Marg married Ted on Boxing Day 1942.
Doreen boarded the train at Union Station in Toronto and she made her way to Montreal without incident. Once she got on the “Ocean” train she was was shocked to find out that the ticket Bill had bought her was one for a soldiers transport. She was the only woman on the entire train. As she would say later, all the men were nothing but gentleman, they always opening doors for her, pulling out her chair, and asked if she needed any help with her bags in her berth. All in all she said that the amount of attention that was directed her way was very odd, but she just chalked this up to being the only woman in sight for 24 hours.
Bill was waiting for her on the platform when the train arrived in Halifax and they could not contain their enthusiasm to finally see each other after 4 months. Doreen showed off her new train outfit, a blue dress with white boots. It was at this moment that Bill laughed continuously and Doreen asked him why he was laughing. Bill first apologized that she was on a soldiers transport. He then explained to Doreen that is was common knowledge between all the service men that women who wear white boots are better known as “ladies of the evening”. It now made sense to Doreen why she was so popular on the train and they laughed about this for years.
Bill and Doreen spent the first 5 nights at the Lord Nelson hotel, enjoying all the comforts of both each other and what the city had to offer. Dining out, walking along the shoreline, dancing, all the things that Bill promised to Doreen came true. They then moved Doreen into her new one room in the house owned by Mrs Mullens.
Bill retuned to work after the 5 days and stayed in the barracks as prescribed by Air Force policy and Doreen settled into her new routine. She had breakfast with Mrs Mullens and then would get herself ready to head down to the barracks where Bill and her would have a chance to see each other through the chain link fence at lunch. She would then return back to Mrs Mullens and continue this practice for the next few weeks. When Bill would get his 48 hours leave, he would join Doreen in their little room and talk and talk until the wee hours of the morning about what they planned to do after the war was over.
It became very clear to both of them that Doreen would not be going back to Toronto after the months visit, so they both decided that she would stay.
Doreen went down to the Halifax Eaton’s store and asked if she could get a transfer and it was granted. So Doreen now had a new routine. She could go to work during the days and wait to see Bill when he had his leave. They went to the dances 2 times a week, went to the show at least once a week and had all the comforts that they had always wanted when they got married, it was just like a dream.

December 22nd, 1942

Hello my Dearest;

I received your lovely letter tonight and darling it was a nice long one too. At the present moment I am listening to Mart Kenny and he is playing all the old and new songs and he is certainly making me feel better, but I only have 6 more days darling and I will be on my way down to you and boy am I ever getting excited, how about you?
Gosh darling if you only knew how disappointed I was to know that I had been out when you phoned. Marg said that we had just gone. Mother and Dad and I went up to Aunt Mattie’s and Bill dear she was lovely and peaceful. She looked just like herself. I think dear that it better that she has gone because she was suffering a lot. It was there weeks ago that I had seen her and I am glad that I didn’t see her when she was suffering as she had lost a lot of weight.
Your Mother has been wonderful and so strong, and Aunt Agnes was there as well. As we were coming out of her place, Ruth and her Dad were coming in. She died about 7:30PM last night. Your Mother had just got there and she said “Nell, move the chair near my bed and help me in it” and your Mother had just helped her in the chair and she breathed her last breath.
I phoned your Mom and told her that you had phoned and you can bet she will be ready for your call on Friday night between 7-8 and you can bet your boot I will be over there also, but gosh I will be so excited that I probably won’t be able to talk to you.
I had a wreath sent up to Aunt Mattie’s from you and I, it should be there the afternoon. She is being buried at 3:30 Tuesday afternoon.
Bill if I am being honest with you, it is almost too much to take. From my coming down to you, to working days and nights and Saturdays, to Aunt Mattie passing, Marg’s wedding and Christmas all on top of that I am feeling that I am being pulled in every which way. I am glad that I am making my way down to you so I can sort of forget all of this and just let time stop when I am with you.
Pop is just putting our Christmas tree up and it is a nice one. He wasn’t going to have one this year but we finally coaxed him. So after I finish writing this letter I will help Pop decorate it and I also have one or 2 more gifts to wrap up yet. Dad is going to Doris’ to pick up our dresses and I am just dying to try it on and I think I will being it down with me. I don’t care if I get a chance to wear it out or not, but just to show it off to you in our own little room would be grand.
We got a nice tablecloth from Nan Wilson, my curiosity go the best of me and I had to open it. They are leaving Windsor Christmas day as they are coming up for Marg’s wedding.
Gosh Marg is getting excited now, she is a wee bit worried about Ted as she thought she would have heard from him by now because he is supposed to arrive tomorrow morning. But she does not dare go ask the Simpsons as she is trying her best to avoid them all together.
Your Pop is fine dear except that he has a wee bit of a cold, but it is not a bad one. I’ll bet you are taking a kidding from the fellows down there as I am taking a kidding from everyone up here as they are going to be watching me like a hawk when I get back (I wonder why).
Well my dearest I really have to finish now as poor Pop is having an awful job trying to decorate the tree by himself, and Beverley is screaming her head off, but I am sure everything will turn out OK in the end.
So my dearest I will be looking for you at the station. I will try and write you Friday night, so darling wishing you with all my heart a Very Merry Christmas and I hope you have a nice time but I will be thinking about you all day and waiting to hear your voice.
So darling loving you with all my heart,


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – Christmas kisses under the Mistletoe

December 21st, 1942

Hello Darling;

It is now 9PM Sunday night and I just thought I would write you a few lines, this won’t be a long letter as I haven’t much news to you tell you at this time.
I am feeling much better now dear except that I have not been outdoors since Thursday night and Marg has been in too, she is worse than me so she is trying to get better as Ted arrives home next Wednesday.
We have company tonight, we have Auntie Bessie, Uncle Stand, Auntie Polly, Uncle Bill and Mrs Simpson (oh yeah) so we have quite a houseful. Gosh I hope Halifax isn’t any colder than what it is in Toronto. I was 22 below zero this morning and upstairs was just like cold storage, but downstairs is very warm, in fact it is too warm. I am just melting away while I am writing this letter. Pop and Uncle Bill are out in the garage trying to get Pop’s car to start as it has frozen up on him but I don’t think they are having any luck. Uncle Stan is just going out to help them as their bumpers have locked.
Marg has just gone upstairs to show them her wedding presents and so far she has received some lovely gifts. I was talking to your Mother today and she was going up to see Aunt Mattie as she wasn’t so good today. I must try and go up and see her next week but if I don’t get the chance I will go up on Christmas day.
Your Mother was talking to Mrs. Hawkins yesterday and that was right about Stan being in an accident. She did not say how it happened except that he had been in hospital for 3 days and was cut over the eye. He was also saying that he is trying to get into the Spitfires instead of the Flying Bombers. Oh I think I told you that you had received a card from Alex. We also received a card from good O’l Don Riggs, I received it on Saturday. I guess he must still be in Ottawa.
I wrapped all my Christmas presents and addressed all my cards today, so now I feel a lot better. I am sending a card to Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Henderson, but if you want to send them a card as well it will be OK.
Mrs Simpson had a letter from Ted yesterday and he was telling her how he had just missed being int hat terrible fire in Newfoundland. It seems he was on his way over there when he met 2 of his chums and they persuaded him to go to some club (surprising, no) and that is how he missed being there but quite a few of his chums were hurt, so he sure was lucky.
Gosh dear there seems to something funny about these fires. It always seems to happen where the men in uniforms are. The men have just come in from the cold and they cannot get the car to start. They are now kidding me that you will have to be awful hot to keep me warm in Halifax and I just told them they didn’t know my husband, but I do, so you better start getting yourself nice and hot.
Well my darling I think I will finish now and get ready for bed, but as I always say no future in going to bed by yourself. I will write you on Tuesday, so my dearest loving you with all my heart,



December 18th, 1942

Hi Dearest:

I received your very nice letter this morning and it was a surprise because I was not expecting one and I had one on Monday and Tuesday. I did not got to work today as I have an awful cold and it seems to be all in my throat as I can hardly talk. They are all kidding me around here as they said it is like heaven.
Marg was off work today also as she has had an awful sore throat, there must be something going around. I was in bed about 9PM last night and Dad brought me spa hot drink and some Aspirins so I am going to bed as soon as I finish your letter because I am going to work tomorrow.
I was talking to your Mother today and she is fine. She goes up to Aunt Mattie’s this afternoon and she is just about the same. Aunt Agnes gave her some money for your Christmas present but instead of sending it down to you, she is going to give it to me to take down to you. Will that be OK? We had a nice card from those friends of yours in Philadelphia, so I am going to get the address for you and would you mind sending them one too? I am going to write all my cards and wrap all my presents on Sunday and get that off my mind because next week we will be very busy.
You were saying Bill dear that we could buy the dishes and the cutlery down there but I will take some of our own dishes and I will buy some cutlery here as I think it will be much cheaper. I am also going to take my toaster down with me in the case we may need it.
Grandpa has just came in and boy is it ever cold. We had quite a snowfall last night and the snow is very deep. Mother and Dad are just going up to see Aunt Agnes as they are going to buy the house. Mother was down at the War Time Price and Trade Board today finding out all about it so I think they can get it OK, but we don’t know for sure but they are going up to see her anyways to get things settled up just in case everything goes according to plan. Mother got her notice for this house and we have to be out by March 20th.
I went down yesterday and got my berth and the man said I was lucky because that was just about the last one, so everything is OK dear. Just think in 9 days darling and I will be on my way down to you and dear if you only knew how much I am looking forward to getting down to you, but you will see for yourself when I get down there. I am getting terribly excited because my darling it will be about 4 months since I last saw you and it seems years. They are just playing “when you are a long, long way from home” on the radio and I think it should be a long long way from someone you love.
Oh I forgot to tell you dear you received a lovely Christmas card from Alex Aitken, your Mother was telling me but I guess she will be forwarding it on to you. She was also talking to Jack Arther and Alex is still in England and she said something about him becoming a Flight Lieutenant and that he was going to get in with Stan. She was also telling Jack that you had been talking to his chum. Gosh dear pretty soon there will not be any fellows around here. It seems funny walking along the Danforth as you walk for blocks and never see anyone you know but there are still a lot of fellows not in uniform.
I am going to find out about my cabin trunk and Bill if I can get it checked on the train I may as well do that because it won’t cost me nothing, but I will let you know whatever I decide to.
That is very nice of the landlady to do the washing of our bedding. I hope I won’t be too much bother to her but perhaps she could help me with the cooking if I do any, but we will see about that when I come down, but darling as I said before do not expect much.
By the way darling I am not sure what to expect of Halifax, as you really have only told me about the station and the shows that you go to. Is it the same as it is here? I hope I can certainly fit in with the other Air Force wives.
So dearest I will close now but I will write you on Sunday.
All my love my darling,




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December 15th, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well I’ve finished reading your letter and I forgive you for not writing sooner but I guess you have been pretty busy. I hope you forgive me to because I did write a letter on Sunday but since I wasn’t going out of the station and I wanted it to go right away so I gave it to one of the fellows to post but he forgot to mail it so I lost a day. But I’m going to make up for it in this letter as I hope it will be a new long one.
Well first I went over to see Mrs. Mullens, the landlady, yesterday afternoon and I’ve got all the final details. First it is going to cost us only $7 a week for both of us. That isn’t bad at all dear seeing as how she said that you can use her stove, in fact she said she would give you your breakfast too. But of course dear we will be inconvenienced for a while until we get all organized. Oh yes, she said that she would give us sheets and pillow cases too and wash them but I told her that you would be bringing some down, but she will wash them every week for us so that is another worried settled.
I’m glad that you have your tickets and you did not say anything about your berth. In case you forget don’t forget to make a reservation for it and I guess you will have to pay in advance and another thing when you get off the train at Montreal ask the conductor where the sleeper for Halifax is and you can grab your seat early and if you have much time to spare you could stretch your legs and go for a little walk but don’t go very far darling because it might not be so safe for a girl all by herself.
I have a better idea about that big trunk dear, you could send it down as soon as you know what you are going to send because it might not arrive here until later particularly with the Christmas rush. I don’t know for sure but I thick that you can send it on your ticket if not it would be well worth it to pay $5.00 or so to get it sent right to the door well anyway you can phone the C.N.R Express and find out the best way to send it. If you send it right here to the address, Mr. W.A Lewis C/O Mrs Mullens 92 Dublin St, Halifax N.S. I told her that is what you might do so she is expecting it.
I’m feeling pretty blue about Aunt Mattie but you know that old saying “God moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform”. So I guess that is the best way to look at it. Just between you and me I’d rather dubious about getting leave to go home if anything happens because in cases like that you can only get leave when the deceased person is a blood relative like Mother or Father, brother and sister. But I’m hoping for the best. So I guess that is all I can do for now.
I hope you have done OK with our Christmas presents dear. I bought Mom and Dad a little something and don’t forget to buy your Mother and Father something real nice too. By the way dear you should get your cheque around the 21st, so if you really don’t need the money dear you can bring it down here because it would be safer than carrying around some loose cash with you and incidentally I guess we will have to buy some dishes and cutlery and a few little things but we won’t really have to buy very much. But it is a good thing to have some loose cash kicking around.
Is the radio ever working swell. I can usually get about 15 stations on after 9 o’clock and there really is some grand bands on the air down here but we aren’t getting any from Boston lately because they’ve closed all the night clubs down until they investigate that big fire.
Well dear 2 weeks tonight I’ll be the happiest guy in the world so you know why? Because I’ll be with the sweetest girl I’ve ever known and honey that isn’t any one but you. But I’m going to save everything that is in my heart until I see you and then will I ever make up for lost time and that is in more ways than one.
I think I told you about the fellow in our barracks who is bringing his wife down from Vancouver on the 23rd. She is leaving on the 18th, I’m glad that you don’t have to come so far because that is really so far to come alone but someday dear you and I will make that trip right across Canada, so don’t forget that I promised you that.
I’m glad that Pop is so fond of Beverley because he will be used to one, especially when we have our. What do you say darling nothing would make me so happy as having a daughter exactly like her very sweet and darling Mother. Now, I really do not have any further comments on the Simpson clan, I just hope Marg knows what she is getting into with them, as they really have shown their true colours up to this point haven’t they?
So for now dear, love from your husband who is saving all his……………………for the 29th.



December 15th, 1942

Hi Darling:

I received your grand letters yesterday and today and darling they were really nice.
I won’t have very much news for you seeing as how I wrote you on Sunday, but I will give you all the gossip I can. Pardon me while I change nibs. I have just come in from dress hunting but I didn’t have any luck because I want to get something nice that you would like and gosh is it ever cold and it sure is snowing. I’ll bet we will have a few inches of snow by tomorrow morning. This is Aunt Jessie’s night off from work so her and Mother came with me but I will go out on Saturday night instead of going to the show because that is the only night I will have a chance to. Tomorrow night and Friday night I will have to work, boy what fun, but we will have fun tomorrow night because the boos isn’t going to work so you can bet there won’t be much work done.
Thursday night I am going to a party with Mom and Dad, Aunt Jessie and Marg and I really do not want to go but wants me to go, and you know how she can be when she sets her mind on something.
Darling just think 2 weeks time we will be together again and that darling is what I have prayed for since you went down to Halifax and my prayers are being answered.
What is this surprise you have for me? Gosh I can hardly wait to hear it, boy it must be good but I won’t coax you because I know you won’t tell me until I see you, but boy I sure am getting impatient and also impatient for other things and darling I hope you are ready to help me out.
Marg had a wire from Ted last night telling her not to write him anymore as he would be leaving on the 21st, so you can bet that Marg is pretty excited, in fact she is almost excited as I am about coming down to you but I don’t think anybody could be as excited as I am right now.
Darling that would be grand if that other friends wife and I got to be friends because we could have a lot of fun on the day time while our husbands are working but darling don’t expect too much of my cooking because you know how bad I am and I would like to be real good before I started inviting people for dinner but who knows perhaps I will learn fast.
We were down at Doris’ last night and had our final fitting on our dresses and they are lovely. I was just wondering Bill if I should bring it down with me so I could show you. Do you think there might be a chance of me wearing it New Years Eve? Be sure to let me know because I would love you to see it but I will wait until I hear from you.
Doris also broke the news that she and Bob are planning on being married on the 13th of February if all goes well. Isn’t that grand but I have been telling her to hurry up and get married because she certainly is missing a lot and all our friends are telling my Mother that Doreen is sure looking good and darling I sure am feeling good. How about you are you in good shape? I hope so.
I was talking to your Mother tonight and she was all tickled because she had a letter from you yesterday. She was going to see Aunt Mattie tonight as she goes up every night.
She was saying that your Dad had gone to a Union meeting or something tonight as there is some rumour that they might be putting the jewellers in war work, but it might just be a rumour. She also had a Christmas card from Bob Duff today. Did I tell you that Lloyd met his brother overseas? I’ll bet they are having a swell time. No dear I don’t think Stan has been in an accident because I think you Mother would have heard from someone on the street.
I got your Uncle Jack a nice pair of socks, and Aunt Agnes and your Mother underwear and I also got your Mom stalkings but I thought it would be nice if I had some flowers delivered to Aunt Mattie on Christmas Day from us. This friend of Marg’s down at work had a friend who has a flower shop and she will get me a nice bunch of flowers. She was the one that got my flowers for our wedding, but you let me know if that is OK, or if we should get her something else but I don’t know what else to get her.
You should see Pop here, he is folding the baby’s diapers and is he ever getting good and guess when you turns comes you will have to take lessons from him. He puts her to bed every night and does she ever know him. Boy he certainly loves her. They got her a new bed yesterday because she was getting too big for her other bed and she fell out of it on Sunday and we all got a scare but she didn’t hurt herself.
Darling I think I explained to you about the cabin trunk, but I thought it would be a better idea to check it on the same train as the one I am on because if I send it down ahead of me there might be some delay in getting there and another thing I will get it checked in the baggage car for free.
Well dear I really must finish now as I am very tired but I will try and write you Thursday. I am so excited to come down and see you, and have you hold me in your arms and let the world drift away.
So dearest all my love until I see you in 2 weeks time,


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – gosh I can hardly wait until I receive some of these.

December 13th, 1942

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Sunday at 10 o’clock dear and I’ve just had my dinner and what a dinner, steak and onions and cabbage and potatoes and for dessert ice cream and cake and I’m getting so greedy I had 2 servings of everything.
Well dear you should have received your train ticket by now. I’m expecting a letter from you this afternoon dead and I guess you would have mentioned it in your letter dear and just think it will be only 2 more weeks and we will be together again. So you realize dear that it will have been 4 months since I’ve seen you and it seems a very long time ago.
How are you coming with the shopping? It will certainly be a big job for you to get all your gifts wrapped and then get ready to come down here. So you had better get a lot of rest and sleep because I would not want anything to happen to you dear.
Well dear it is 5 hours later since I began writing this letter. I don’t know if you knew Jack Kennedy or not, he used to live at the corner of Wolverleigh and Linsmore, well anyway he dropped in to see a friend of his in our barrack and I happened to see him. He had heard that Stan had been in an accident overseas but I told him that I didn’t think that was right because I would have heard from you if anything had happened.
I did not receive a letter today darling but I guess the mail has been held up because I have not had one since Thursday. I wrote a letter to my Mother on Thursday and I tried to cheer her up but I imagine that she feels pretty badly. I just wish that I would do something but I’m afraid that there isn’t much I can do but hope.
The weather down here has really been pretty good, you could have gotten away without a great coat on today and I just hope that it lasts for when you come down here dear.
Let me see now, oh yes have you got enough luggage because if you have not you can use my Zipper bag that is really a great bag and you can lock it. I was thinking dear that you don’t have to bring those blankets and pillow slips and towels with you. Send everything that you think we will need down in the trunk and have it sent to Mrs Mullens at 92 Dublin St Halifax. I am going over to see her tomorrow and get the final lowdown of everything and I’ll let you know what the score is as soon as I can.
We have a new fellow in our section and he is from Vancouver and she is also married well anyway he went out on Saturday and also got a room and he is bringing his wife all the way from Vancouver. It is going to cost him about $130, some trip eh? He hopes that you and his wife can get to be good friends because she doesn’t know a person here either. I think we could have a lot of fun if we could make friend with another couple dear and as soon as you learn to cook we could have them over and we could visit them. In fact dear we already have an invitation.
I wrote my Mother and asked her to try and borrow Aunt Mattie hot stove because that is all Captain Davis’ wife cooked with and boy did she ever put up a good meal. Pardon me dear, but there is a fight going on here and I have to move where I am writing. I am clear now and I can start again. A couple of the boys are having a little fun here and as I want to get this letter finished I don’t want to have any interference.
As I was saying before I was interrupted have you got a trunk or box yet to send your stuff down in yet because it won’t cost you much more than $5.00 to send it down and it will save you bringing a lot of stuff down and then all you will need to carry is your own personal things like nighties (oh boy) and those very cute panties but it is bad to think like that dear so I will not go on.
I am just telling you again dear buy yourself some nice clothes to bring down here because I want you to be the best dressed little girl at our dances dear and that won’t be hard for you dear. You are so darn cute and sweet and more than that I love you more than anything else in this whole world dear and you know that I always will no matter what happens.
By the way I hope you bought Mom and Pop Booth something real nice from me dear and especially my little sister-in-law. I just hope that I have my own daughter next Christmas to buy all sorts of things for and wouldn’t that be just wonderful dear, and once this war is over we will be so happy to have our own little family.
Well I guess Marg is getting rather nervous now, it won’t be long now. I just hope that they get along as well as we do dear and I know it won’t be Marg’s fault if they don’t, but I will not say anymore on the subject.
Well dear I had better get this letter away before the mail goes and so dear until we meet, I’ll just say loving you so very, very much and can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks in which we will have our second honeymoon in less than a year.
Love from the very bottom of my heart,