September 7th, 1943

Hi Darling:

Well here it is Tuesday afternoon dear and I have not had a letter from you since last week. I’m a little bit worried too. I hope you are alright dear because if you miss a few days I think that you might have been having some more troubles like before. But I imagine that perhaps the mail has been held up.
I haven’t been doing very much since I last wrote dear. Saturday night I went to the Forum but it was too crowded and I came back early. Sunday I went to the Capital and saw “Stormy Weather” and I really thought it was great especially with Cab Calloway so don’t miss it dear if you get the chance and Sunday night they had a double feature at the station show and so I went. Last night was my first night on duty watch and as I can’t get off the station I played snooker with Norm. They had Yankee Doodle Dandy on the station theatre and as I saw it before I didn’t bother going.
Tonight they are having a dance in the drill hall but it is pretty warm and I don’t think that I will go. I wrote my Aunt yesterday dear and I certainly had a tough time thinking of enough to put in.
Well how is everything with you dear? I hope that you are getting your milk and vegetables every day. I certainly miss you an awful lot dear, oh well it will only be about 3.5 months dear before I see you and then I should be able to get home for 5 days (I hope). It will certainly be nice dear but I shouldn’t think about it especially when you say how nice an armful you will be and I think that an armful of you would be about the nicest thing I could ask for right now.
I guess you haven’t given much thought to where you will stay after you have the little “bundle” comes but I think that it would be nice if you stayed at Mom and Pop’s place dear I know that it is up to you darling but that will be about the time that your Mother will be moving and there will be all that extra stuff and confusion to deal with. I know my Mother and Pop would be tickled pink to have you dear. But as I said before it is up to you and I guess that we had better wait and see anyways.
I see Jack Dowds once and a while but I hardly ever see him at night. Had has a girl you know and I imagine that she is something like the one he had on Gerard St. in Toronto, and you know what I mean. He likes the girls who are fast and fancy free so that they never want to stick around too long.
We have our Snack Bar going full blast now dear and I get a butterscotch sundae every day and are they ever good. I should be putting weight on in no time.
I wish you would take a roll of film of just you dear and send them down. Nice big pictures I mean, those other ones were swell except they were so small you don’t know how much I like to get them dear, they really keep my morale up.
The way that the war news has been reported over the last few days things are looking pretty good. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be home for good this time next year just the three of us? I would like to go to Haultain for a couple of months to our cottage, it would certainly be like heaven and there isn’t any reason we couldn’t. Darling, I love you so much I would do anything for you.
Did you do anything exciting over the Holiday? We had a big Sports Meet down here and the Air Force really trimmed the Navy and Army a lot of the boys went downtown but I didn’t bother. I saw in the paper yesterday that Betty Grable was expecting, they have only been married 7 weeks so that really is fast work or something.
Well darling I think that is about all for now and dear I love you with all my heart and so chin up and all my love.
You loving (and handsome and lonesome) husband,



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