September 15th, 1943

Hello Darling:

I just received your last letter this morning dear and as I am always on time answering them (Ahem) I’ll do it right now, answering it I mean.
Well it is Wednesday and things are just about the same down here. Saturday night I went to the Forum but darling I think of you all the time at these dances and I really don’t have a good time at all. I left at intermission on Saturday night even though the Air Force band was playing. Sunday morning I was up bright and early and went to Church that makes four times in a row that I have gone, aren’t I the good boy. But you know what I pray for dear and that is that this darn war will be over soon and that I can get home to my darling wife and I think if you both have enough faith that it might happen sooner than we expect. You mentioned in your letter that you were glad that I thought of you once and a while dearest, I think of you all the time. I just realize all that we are missing not being together but maybe it is all for the best especially the way you are right now.
Sunday afternoon Norm, Jack and I went to the Capital and saw “Lets Face It” with Bob Hope and I never laughed so much in all my life, it really is a good picture. Sunday night I went to the station show, so you can see I’m keeping up on all my movies. Monday night I went to the station show again and saw some spooky picture with John Carradine that I liked but you know how much I really do like mysteries.
Last night they had a dance for the staff in the Gym and I was going to go but I decided that I would take it easy and go to bed early. So I went and spent the night in our lounge and caught up on my reading.
I am glad to hear that everything is progressing favourably and I’ll just leave everything up to you dear as far as going to the doctor and quitting your job, but if you don’t feel up to it dear for goodness sake don’t work.
I guess Ma Booth is looking after you pretty well dear and I certainly am glad that you are at home rather than down here even though we are apart because you will have the proper care and rest that you need and fortunately the proper food and that does not mean a meal of cucumbers HA HA.
I figure that the “bundle” should arrive in April sometime do you know when dear? Do you have any trouble getting a room in a hospital and what hospital would you like? Your Mother will know all the angles and what clothes etc. to get. but I guess that we can talk it over when I come down for Christmas as well as a few other things.
I am glad to hear that Jan and Ray are pretty well settled up in New Glasgow. I was just thinking that something must be wrong there because they have been married and been together longer than we have but I don’t think that she is the type to give up without a fight. I think that the Kernagains had the same thing happen to them as we did dear because she was off work for week or so and she got the same kind of pills from the hospital as I did so I just drew my own conclusions.
I have been going to write Mrs Dean since I came back but I did not know if she was still up at the lake or not.
I don’t know if I mentioned in my last letter that I received your Pop’s candy and as usual it was pretty swell. Thank your Pop for me will you dear?
Don’t forget those pictures you promised to send me dear. We will have to start an album for all those pictures that we have taken and I guess you will let me know about having a big picture taken. I would like one of those especially for my own locker, so have one taken as soon as possible.
Well darling I think that is about all for now dear but I will drop you another line about Friday or Saturday so darling, until then to my very best pin up girl and the sweetest little wife and mummy-to-be in all the world.




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