September 12th, 1943

Hello Dearest;

First let me start by saying that I am sorry that I have not written as much as I usually do, but I have been so busy with work and Mom and Dad and so many other things that I will detail you in this nice long letter. I certainly hope that you can forgive, and I will make sure that I make it up to you once you come back home at Christmas. Can you forgive me darling?
I hope you have been keeping well and keeping yourself busy as in everyone of your letters it seems that there is nothing much happening down there. I can tell you that I have been feeling right as rain the last couple of days and that I have been drinking lots and lots of milk they might even start calling be Bessie the cow. I eat lots of green vegetables and make sure that I do not have too many sweets after supper, but you know dear how hard that is for me. Mother has been taking very good care of me and we other sneak away for a few talks about what is to come and how I should be feeling at certain times. I know it is still early yet but darling I cannot wait for this little thing to arrive.
Darling I ran into Jan on the Danforth and we decided to catch up over something to eat Friday night. So right after work I went up to meet her and we spent almost 3 hours sitting and talking and really just giggling like little school girls. However there was really not that much that we would have been laughing at considering how tough she has had it over the last 6 months. She and Ray have been fighting all the time over where they are going to live seeing as he is going to be posted out east. She was determined to stay here in Toronto and Ray told her that if she did not go she would soon be a divorcee. Darling can’t imagine anyone speaking like that, I know that we have our arguments but never have we spoken to each other that way., I think it is because we have such a level of respect for each other and that we value our marriage so much and that we have so much love for each other that we would never do such a thing. Anyways, Jan finally decided that she would not wait for him in Toronto and they are moving to New Glasgow next week. You know Jan dear, she is a person who will not give in but this time she knew it was all for the best.
I am glad dear that you are going tot he movies so often and that you are enjoying most of the pictures that you are going to see and that you let me know which ones I should go and see. Also dear, it really touches my heart that you think of me once and a while and that you think of that we will do once we are together permanently and not have to worry about going back and forth from another town to see each other. It certainly will be swell once we are both living under the same roof, and I really do not care where that is as long as we are together, the three of us.
Bill darling, I have been thinking about what I am going to do about work and if I should stay on or should I just leave the job now. I know that the money that is coming in certainly does help my parents with some of the expenses but I am thinking that if everything goes well as we planned that I might not want to work during Christmas when it is so busy and they make us work on the weekends and nights. But I will make that decision later once everything is worked out.
I am going to make sure that I take some lovely pictures for you dear and that they show all of me and not just little pictures. Dear what do you want with them anyways, where are they going to hang? Are you going to share them with the other fellows or are they just for you?
I have not heard anything from Marg for a few weeks now I think and I am getting a little worried about her. I hope hat she is liking being out there and that Ted is treating her right. Maybe she has a job now but I am so anxious to hear form her. Everyone here is doing fine dear and I will go up and see your Mom and Pop this week. Maybe your Aunt will be there seeing as when I did speak to your Mother on the phone she is always dropping in to see your folks.
With that darling I am going to close now as I am getting sleepy and as you say I need my rest to make sure everything is OK. So dear from the bottom of my heart I love you very much and I am missing you very much and I am thinking of you always.
Love from your wee wife,



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