September 4th, 1943

Hi Darling;

Well here it is 10 minutes to 12 and I have just finished reading your letter darling and I am answering it right away so you see I don’t lose any time.
As usual dear things are pretty well the same as when I last wrote you. I worked on our canteen last night and even though I do say so myself it is going to be as nice as the Royal York when we are through. It is even nicer than those lounges that we saw when you were down here darling.
Thursday night I went to the station show and saw some second rate pictures that were not too hot and went on Wednesday night also and saw some other “B” class pictures so you see things really have been quiet.
Well Jack has got himself a…pardon me…a girlfriend. I have not seem him at night for a week so I guess he must be doing alright, if you know Jack.
I received a very nice letter from my Mother with all the news from the street so I will answer it tomorrow. I don’t know what I will do tomorrow but I guess I will go to the Capital and see “Stormy Weather” it seems to be a fair picture and since it is free i really can’t lose.
They are playing Stardust on the radio right now dear and they have just finished playing “Moonglow” and Deep Purple and a lot of those old favourites and they certainly bring back a lot of wonderful memories do you remember the dance at Danforth Tech that we went to dear and they played Deep Purple, it seems so long ago doesn’t it darling, oh well it won’t be long until we are in our own little place and catching up on all the loving that we missed and I think that is an awful lot. It really will be wonderful being all by ourselves and not having to worry about being separated agin and nothing more than the family (3) to worry about.
I’m getting behind on my washing and darning so since I have to stay on the station next week I will try and catch up on it. I hope by this time next year I will be buying myself a nice little brown suit. I don’t think I will want to wear anything blue for 10 years, I’ve seen so much of it in the last 2 years.
I’m glad that you are feeling pretty well dear but you wouldn’t tell me if you weren’t anyway dear, so please take care of yourself and get lots of rest and milk and don’t overstrain yourself. My aren’t I an awful bossy husband to be telling you what to do all the time but you know that I love you so very much that is anything happened to you I don’t know what I would do.
I think that you should go to the doctor at the end of the month dear just to be on the safe side and anyway that would be almost 3 months but it whatever you and your Mother think is best. How is your appetite dear, are you eating for 2 yet?
I want to thank you dear for going to see my Mother and Pop so often you know how much they like it when you go up to see them. I am glad to hear that Marg is having such a nice time in Newfoundland. has she got a job there yet or is she still trying? I am sure that she is enjoying her freedom as such as you did when you were down here and that she no longer has to answer to the Simpsons.
We are certainly lucky that we will see each other once in a while dear whereas Dorris and thousands of other couples won’t see each other until the war is over and we had 6 and a half months together that is something that I will never forget dear, it really was wonderful even though we had our little troubles.
Well darling I guess that is about all for now and so until Monday dear from the bottom of my heart all my love.
From your loving husband,



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