September 1st, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Wednesday afternoon and as things are rather quiet I thought I would catch up on my mail by writing my very best gal first. I received your very nice letter and as usual I was very glad to receive it darling.
So you have had a good day on Saturday? I guess it would bother you dear standing up all the time like that, oh well darling but I am glad to hear that you are no longer sick in the mornings anyway, by the way have you had all the signs by now darling?
Well I haven’t done such an awful lot since I last wrote you. Saturday night they had the station dance and I had just 2 dances and went back to bed all by myself of course. I can’t seem to get any kick out of dancing with anybody but you darling and boy I would give anything to be able to go out with you again. Oh well dear we will have lots of chances to do that after the war is over.
We’ll put the children to bed over at Granny Lewis’ or Granny Booths’ and then skip out to the Palais Royale, that sounds like a lot of fun, don’t you think so dear?
Just thinking about having a family seems to bring you so close to me darling, especially when I think of it as “ours” and that is exactly what it is. Don’t you feel the same way about it? Love really is a wonderful thing when it is between a man and his wife, it really gives you a deep feeling of satisfaction when you know somebody is thinking about you and loving you and dear, I think about you and love you very much.
The way the war is shaping up I think that another year really ought to see it wound up. I hope so anyway dear because I’m looking forward to settling down to a respectable married life (ahem) more than anything else in this whole world.
Oh I was saying, Sunday Jack and I and another fellow went to the Dingle and had a rather quiet but nice afternoon and I went out to the spot where we had out place dear. I guess I’m just too sentimental. Sunday night they had a show on at the station and I went to it. Sunday we had 2 big steaks that hung over the side of the plate they were the best I’ve had in 2 years. Well anyway Monday night I went to the station show again and after that played a couple of games of billiards, it was a real dandy game and I have a lot of fun playing. Yesterday afternoon they marched us all down to the Forum and we saw the Army Show an it was really good. Then last night I went to the station show again and saw “Buy me That Town” and it was fair. I have not been to a show downtown since I came back and I guess I won’t be going anywhere next week as I am on duty watch all week and I won’t be leaving the station.
I’ve had about 7 or 8 different people ask me if you were coming back, my you were really a popular girl when you were down here. I am glad that you are not dancing dear, I don’t want you to take any chances either dear because I’m just as happy as you are about the whole thing and I wouldn’t want anything to happen. I’m glad to hear that your Mother is treating you so well dear. I knew she would anyway.
You didn’t say anything about your job. Are you still liking it? Well dear I guess that its about all for now but I’ll write you again on Friday or Saturday and so dear until then all my love and hoping to see you very soon.
your loving husband,



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