August 29th, 1943

Hello my Darling;

Well here I am again and it is Sunday evening and seeing as I have a lot to tell you I have decided that my supper can wait and I am going to tell every little morsel of news that I can while it is still fresh.
Bill darling, I want you to know that if you want to leave the station and go to dances and have a little fun while you are down here that you go right ahead and do so and do not worry about me. I know that we are apart and nothing I can do at this time is going to change that so darling, please have a little fun to make the time pass by more quickly for you as I cannot stand to think of you sitting alone on your bunk writing notes to me and your Mother and Father while all the other fellows are out enjoying themselves knowing that this war is hanging over everyones head. Now that is out of the way I can continue telling you all the happenings here.
I finally took my Mother into the kitchen and told her the good news about us. She was just thrilled at the prospect of becoming a grandmother even though she is still in shock that she is a mother to a 1.5 year old. I did not even think of the idea that once our little bundle comes along that it’s aunt will only be 2 years older than them. I think that they will be more like siblings than anything else, but as you say dear, one day at a time. Mother has been taking good care of me and making me drink ,lots of milk and she said that if I wanted she would come with me to the doctors appointments, but I told her that it was to be a secret for now and that she is not to tell anyone, but I am sure that the secret will only be held for a short time.
I did notice that in your last note that you said your friend Campbell named his daughter Donna and I think that would be a lovely name if we had a daughter. I am thinking that James or John would be nice if it was a boy but I will leave that to you to tell me if you like those names or not.
Last night Irene and Jessie and I went to the show at the Imperial and saw a double feature and both the pictures were ok but nothing too exciting. After the shows we walked along the Danforth and Bill darling there were lots of men in uniform this time. I am not sure what was happening but this was the first time that I saw so many men in uniform and everyone one of them had a gal on their arm. I think we woman like to have our men in uniforms, but you know that darling don’t you. We got home just before 11:30PM not bad eh for a married wife in Toronto.
Friday we were out side sitting on the porch when guess who walked down the street, Mr and Mrs Simpson. We all waved but they just walked by us as if they had not seen us, which I know that they did. I am not sure why they would not stop and say hello, and give us some updates on how Marg is doing with Ted down there. I am just glad that Marg will be sending us her our own mail that way we will not have to worry about having to speak and ask questions of the Simpsons.
You also mentioned that you have a new job dear and that you are working with a lawyer. Wouldn’t that be swell darling if you decided to go into that profession after this war is over but I am not sure what the cost of something like that would be and how long would you have to go to school? I will leave that all up to you dear to figure out but I am guessing we will have lots of time to talk this over.
Work has been great and I have been standing quite a bit and my feet are sore, but I guess I forgot how that feels as I have not been working for about 8 months now. Bill darling, there has been no need for me to be dancing so you need not worry so much about me. All things will work out and as they say, god has a plan and I think this time the plan will work itself out for the better for the both of us dear.
I guess that is all the news form Toronto dear but I will make sure that I write you as you mentioned that you look forward in getting my letters and I certainly look forward to receiving yours as well dear so until then loving you from the bottom of my heart and thinking of you always,
From your ever loving wife,



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