August 25th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well my dearest here it is Wednesday night and I have just come in from my job and I decided that I would sit right down and write you a letter and let you know how things are going here.
It is just a bout 7PM and we are going to have supper soon and boy, and I starved. I think I am eating like a horse and I think you know why. I am still not telling people yet about the happy news and yes dear, I have made an appointment to go and see the doctor to make sure eveything is OK.
Mother and Pop are doing grand darling and so is Beverly and is she ever getting big. Besides her putting on weight she is now babbling up a storm I sometimes think that she will never be quite. Mom and Pop are going out to to the lodge after supper and I will be the one left on charge of looking after her, I guess I will consider it practice for when our little one comes along. Do you think that the time will go by fast dear, or will it go slow as I am waiting for something that will be very important to both of us.
I got a phone call form your Mother asking to to come by last night, so after work I went straight there to see your parent and to my surprise, Aunt Agnes was there as well. We had a nice chat in the front room and that is when she presented me with a present. I unwrapped it and it was one of Aunt Mattie’s necklaces that she used to wear on special occasions. I was so happy to get it I think I might have even started to cry. Your Mom and Aunt were both smiling from ear to ear and then your Pop said, OK, when is the tea ready. I guess he did not see the importance of getting such a gift but I certainly do, and intend to hold on to it until you come home and you can take me out somewhere special and then I can wear it and show it off.
As I told you I decided to go back to work and it was fairly easy to get my old job back. I guess the time that I spent in Eaton’s down there in Halifax must have made an impression as I walked into the hiring office and within 1 hour I had done all the paperwork and I had my old job back in the shipping department. So Monday was my first day and boy oh boy nothing much has changed there. There are the same fellows who were there when I left back in December and darling, I am not sure why some of them have not enlisted in either the Air Force or the Army? Maybe it is because they are not married and need to work or maybe they are happy to work in a department store or maybe they are afraid to join up. Either way they are great fun and some of the fellows actually try on some of the clothes that we are shipping and they dance around and we have a grand laugh at it all.
Darling have you spent any time with Jack Dowds lately? I know he is down there and he is getting ready to be shipped out and I was wondering how he was doing.
I made sure that the Daily Star would be sent down to you over the weekend and I am wanted to make sure that you are now getting it. I am sure that the news in the paper will be a couple of days old buy the time that you get it, but regardless dear I am sure that you will enjoy reading up on Old Toronto and all the happenings.
I am thinking that I might hold off on buying anything new until the news is confirmed and I starting putting on weight. I am sure that some of my older clothes will fit me and I will need some new work clothes and maybe a new coat for winter. But maybe I will ask for that for my Christmas present, boy dear I am thinking about Christmas already and it is still the summer, and what a summer we have had here dear. Is it still warm down there?
Well my darling, I am being called for supper and Beverley is crying and I will have to gulp down my food as I will then need to feed and change her and make sure she is put to bed before I can get a minute of peace. So I will leave you with loving you more and more each day as my excitement grows (along with my waistline),
With my my love,



P.S – did you like the pictures I sent down to you?

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