August 23rd, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Monday noon dear and as I am not particularly busy I am going to write you a nice long letter (I hope).
I wrote you a letter on Friday but I did not send it air-mail as the fellow at the Post Office said that it would get there just as soon as air mail.
Well it is afternoon now dear and I’ve just had a very nice nap and dinner and I’m all set for my afternoon work??? I’ve just received your package of chocolate bars and your letter and also my Mother’s package and I want to thank you very much dear. They are certainly swell and as I’ll be writing my Mother I will thank her for the package.
I haven’t done very much since I wrote you Friday dear. I went to the station show Friday night and as I had a 48 hour leave on the weekend I slept in on Saturday and generally lazed around for the morning. In the afternoon I went out to the summer camp for a swim and arrived back about 6PM. I then went to the Forum and believe it or not I only had one dance and then I left and came back and went to the station show. I really don’t know what the trouble is except that I love you too much I guess and boy do I ever miss you an awful lot.
Sunday morning I got up and went to Church, it was a wonderful service and I enjoyed myself very much. Sunday afternoon I didn’t do very much at all. I bowled a couple of games and then slept a bit and then on Sunday night I went to the show.
There is another show tonight, it is “The Invisible Man Returns” and it should be ok. That is about all I’m doing now is going to the show with all my free time after work.
I was going to take Jack out to the Casino yesterday but he was a little later getting through dinner so we didn’t bother. He seems to like it down here and as yet had not got himself a girlfriend. I’m getting the same opinion of him that you have dear, that he will never settle down and likes to sow his wild oats.
I’m very sorry to hear that you are not able to get around to my parents house dear, but that is ok. I wish that there was something that I could do for you dear if you are feeling so tired, but I guess that will last only for a few months. Now don’t spare any expense dear if you want something to make you feel better you truly do deserve anything you wish. But he way dear, what happened to those pictures that you promised to send down to me dear? Have you got them developed yet?
I guess that was quite the affair that they had at Riverdale park. I wish I could have gone to that summer picnic, but once this war is over I think I will become a regular home body just staying home with you and hopefully our little girl. It certainly will be nice to plan our place and everything that goes in it. I hope that comes true for us very soon darling. According to the papers there seems to be a scarcity of baby wool so I guess you will have to stock up on anything you can get your hands on.
Well darling I’m afraid that is about all for now except to say that I love you vert very much and miss you more than you know.
So for now dear, all my love,



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