August 20th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well dear, I received your very welcome letter dear yesterday. I’m glad that you write so regularly because I look forward to receiving you letters more than anything else.
I’m very glad to hear that you are feeling well and drinking lots of milk and getting plenty of good food, something I am sorry to say that you dod not get much of down here.
Well I met Jack Dowds last night, he is expecting to be posted within he Command somewhere. He doesn’t look very good, but I guess that it was the train trip down here that made him look kind of rough, as well as a big weekend in Toronto and I guess that is the real reason. However he is rather glad to be getting around a bit. You don’t have to worry about me cutting loose with him dear. I’ve had plenty of chances of getting around dear but I’m not the least bit interested in anything or anybody except you darling and you know that I hope.
Well I have not done very much since I last wrote you darling. I went to the show Wednesday night and saw some picture that was fair and last night Thursday I saw Lucky Jordan and it wasn’t bad at all. Tonight “Road to Zanzibar” is showing and so I guess that Jack and I will take it in. Tomorrow and Sunday I have a 48 hour leave but I think that I will just sleep in tomorrow morning. They are having the dance tomorrow night but I think I will go to the Casino and see a show and Sunday I guess I will how Jack around town.
I read an article in the paper where it said that landlords could evict tenants after 6 months so maybe there is hope for your Mother yet. I would tell her to look into it at any rate and see what the score is. I’m very glad to hear that you are taking things a little easier darling and I hope that you are particularly careful at you job dear so make sure you don’t do anything strenuous at all.
Well it is almost a month since I’ve been here and I miss you something awful dear there is one thing that makes it bearable and that is what is on the way. If you just knew how happy I am about it darling and even though you are not here I’m glad that you will getting the proper care and food, something that you wouldn’t have received down here.
By the way you have not said very much about Marg, is she settled up there yet? and how does she like it, but Marg I imagine would like it anyway and make the best of it, now that she is out from under the Simpson’s roof. I hope that you had a real nice vacation dear and I am sure that it did a world of good for your spirits. We will have some wonderful times as well on vacation once this war is over, and we will go up to our very own cottage in Haultain for 3 months and that is exactly what I am planning to do. It really will be wonderful won’t it?
Well darling I guess that is about all for now except that I love you very much and give my best wishes to Mom and Pop Booth and Beverly, and so for now dear,



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