August 19th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well here I am again your old Toronto wife and I am now just getting settled back into my routine after coming back from our vacation.
Darling, we had a wonderful time on vacation and it was so relaxing and we spent lots of time eating, swimming and talking with other folks who were up there at the camp grounds. Beverley certainly did like the water but we made sure that she did not get too much sun, but I sure did oh boy what a tan I have.
I am feeling grand right now and I think I have been putting some weight on and I am not sick at all. Darling I have not told a soul except you of course about the possibility of what is happening to me, and to us. I think that I will go see the doctor that took care of Mother when she was pregnant with Beverly just to make sure that everything is OK and that I can be rest assured that things will not happen again. Of course this is really not up to me but up to god so I am praying every night that things work out just fine.
I have decided after talking it over with Mom and Pop that I will go back to work. I will try again to see if I can get into the general office and see if my old job is still there. If not I am sure that they will put me to work in the parcel department, but as you always say they are always in need of good gals to work in Eaton’s.
Dear you mentioned that I should take things easy, and I have been and making sure I get lots of rest. I went to the show with Mom last night and we saw an ok picture. We then decided to walk along the Danforth as the weather was so nice and warm and then we stoped into get some ice cream. I decided to get a Sundae and I ate every last morsel of it and Mom looked at me kind of funny but I did not say a word. Bill dear, I have not received the little present that you were telling me about so I will wait for a few more days and let you know.
Pop went back to work and he said that if he could, he would have preferred stayed at home for the rest of his life taking care of Beverley, if that were only true.
I stopped in to say hello to your Mother and Father but they were out. I called them later in the evening and we had a grand chat on the phone. She was telling me that she had wished that you had been able to stay longer than 1 day when you brought me back down to Toronto, and that she wished she had a chance to bake something nice for you so that you would have something nice to eat not he train ride. She is really happy that we had the time together down in Halifax but I think deep down that she is happy that I am back in Toronto so that we can spend time together shopping or going to the show, as I think she is getting a little tired of your Pop always asking her questions about you. But you know dear how they get on and maybe you should drop him a line.
I have not heard form Marg but I am sure she made it down to Newfoundland without any incident. We are all hoping that we hear from her soon and that she send her letters to our house and not the Simpsons as if she does that we will never know what is going on as I am sure that they will not forward any of her mail to her Mom or even me!
They had quite the affair at Riverdale park and we went to the picnic. Everyone was there, Mom, Pop, Beverley, Irene, Jessie, Aunt Jessie and we had a swell time. There was lots of food and I ate for on the cob, cucumber sandwiches and I drank at least a bucket of ice tea. The only thing that was missing dear was you and I sat on the blanket thinking of all the times we are missing but hoping and praying that we will have such good time again in the future when you come home and we have a little one to sit on the blanket with us.
So dear, I will have to close now as I am getting sleepy and I think I will need to hit the hay as work will start soon. I am sure that once I am back in the office wherever they place me I will have lots of gossip to tell you, and some gossip from the street as well seeing as we are all back from vacation.
So loving you more and more each day, and hoping all works out for us,
From you wee (if not a little bigger) wife,



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