August 17th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well dear I received your wee note yesterday dear and was very glad to hear that you received you ear-rings and that you like them. I just wish that I was home to be able to take you out with them on dear and I could be the happiest guy in Toronto. I bet you would really look lovely, you know that I think you are the prettiest of them all anyway.
Well dear your holidays are over, up at Lake Simcoe and by what you have told me I guess that you must have had a pretty good time and I am glad to know that dear because I don’t want you to have a miserable time while I am away.
I received my Mother letter or rather my Dad’s and I was very glad to hear from them. I was sorry to hear that Pop ruined a tire on his trip and so I guess that will sort of hold up nay more long trips until after the war.
I haven’t done very much since I last wrote you dear. Friday night I went to the station show and saw the “Falcons Brother” do you remember dear we saw it at the Oxford. Saturday I played a little tennis in the afternoon and as the weather was pretty miserable at night I stayed in all night and played cards. Sunday morning I got up and went to the Church Service on the station and I really enjoyed it. Sunday afternoon I bowled and played billiards (aren’t I bad) and Sunday night I went to the station show and saw one of the best pictures I’ve seen in a long time. It was “The More the Merrier” and darling don’t miss it if you get the chance it really is funny and rather smutty in spots, particularly near the end after they got married, but why should I tell you, you know all about that, HA HA.
Tonight they are having the dance but I don’t really know if I am going or not. I really don’t seem to be able to get intercepted in them anymore.
Well darling I’m still keeping my finger crossed and also saying a little prayer now and again. Have you got any of the usual symptoms yet dear and if you have I want you to know dear that I don’t want you to work and get yourself the very best of food and anything you want, there I go again, telling you what to do and not to do, when you Mother knows more about it then I ever will. But anyway dear you know I’m thinking about you ALL the time and that I love you very very much and I just want you to be a very happy Mother, my but that sounds nice. Have you told your Mother yet dear or are you going to wait until you are absolutely sure but as I said dear go to your Mothers doctor as soon as you think you should because I won’t be able to stop worrying until I know you are started on the right foot. So keep me informed of any developments dear.
The Drummers wife is up and around dear and is fine again according to Jim Guthro the baby is doing very well too and just between you and me I think that Kernaghons wife is that way too, boy everybody doing it.
That reminds me we have a lot of new records down here and that is one of them, you know Tony Pastor’s “Lets do It” they are really dandy.
Well darling I’m afraid that is about all for now but I’ll drop you a line on Thursday and so darling all my love dear and I’ve got lots of it, in fact more then I ever had.

Love always,



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