August 13th, 1943

Hello my Darling;

This will be a quick little note as I am rushing out to go to the show with Mom but I wanted to scribble down a few lines to let you know how much I love you.
I finally got your little present and what a present it was. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for the lovely ear rings that you sent me for our 1st anniversary. They are just lovely even though traditionally you are to send me paper, I think these will do very nicely and there is no need to replace them with anything paper. I guess I will consider the card as the traditionally first anniversary present.
They will look grand on my and I cannot wait for you to come home and take me out dancing or even the show or maybe something to eat and I will wear them and show them off, but most importantly I will be showing off my very handsome Air Force husband.
As my holidays are now over and I am thinking of what I can do to make the time go by faster and as I believe I said in my other letter that I will be going back to work, and hopefully back to Eaton’s.
I have been a little sick in the mornings but nothing too much that I cannot handle. You should be getting a letter or two from you Mother and your Pop but I am not sure if they have posted them yet.
So darling as I said from the beginning that this would be a very little note but I am going that I will have time to write you a nice long one sometime on the weekend.
So loving you very, very much dear from the bottom of my married little heart,
Your loving wife,



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