December 21st, 1942

Hello Darling;

It is now 9PM Sunday night and I just thought I would write you a few lines, this won’t be a long letter as I haven’t much news to you tell you at this time.
I am feeling much better now dear except that I have not been outdoors since Thursday night and Marg has been in too, she is worse than me so she is trying to get better as Ted arrives home next Wednesday.
We have company tonight, we have Auntie Bessie, Uncle Stand, Auntie Polly, Uncle Bill and Mrs Simpson (oh yeah) so we have quite a houseful. Gosh I hope Halifax isn’t any colder than what it is in Toronto. I was 22 below zero this morning and upstairs was just like cold storage, but downstairs is very warm, in fact it is too warm. I am just melting away while I am writing this letter. Pop and Uncle Bill are out in the garage trying to get Pop’s car to start as it has frozen up on him but I don’t think they are having any luck. Uncle Stan is just going out to help them as their bumpers have locked.
Marg has just gone upstairs to show them her wedding presents and so far she has received some lovely gifts. I was talking to your Mother today and she was going up to see Aunt Mattie as she wasn’t so good today. I must try and go up and see her next week but if I don’t get the chance I will go up on Christmas day.
Your Mother was talking to Mrs. Hawkins yesterday and that was right about Stan being in an accident. She did not say how it happened except that he had been in hospital for 3 days and was cut over the eye. He was also saying that he is trying to get into the Spitfires instead of the Flying Bombers. Oh I think I told you that you had received a card from Alex. We also received a card from good O’l Don Riggs, I received it on Saturday. I guess he must still be in Ottawa.
I wrapped all my Christmas presents and addressed all my cards today, so now I feel a lot better. I am sending a card to Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Henderson, but if you want to send them a card as well it will be OK.
Mrs Simpson had a letter from Ted yesterday and he was telling her how he had just missed being int hat terrible fire in Newfoundland. It seems he was on his way over there when he met 2 of his chums and they persuaded him to go to some club (surprising, no) and that is how he missed being there but quite a few of his chums were hurt, so he sure was lucky.
Gosh dear there seems to something funny about these fires. It always seems to happen where the men in uniforms are. The men have just come in from the cold and they cannot get the car to start. They are now kidding me that you will have to be awful hot to keep me warm in Halifax and I just told them they didn’t know my husband, but I do, so you better start getting yourself nice and hot.
Well my darling I think I will finish now and get ready for bed, but as I always say no future in going to bed by yourself. I will write you on Tuesday, so my dearest loving you with all my heart,



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