December 18th, 1942

Hi Dearest:

I received your very nice letter this morning and it was a surprise because I was not expecting one and I had one on Monday and Tuesday. I did not got to work today as I have an awful cold and it seems to be all in my throat as I can hardly talk. They are all kidding me around here as they said it is like heaven.
Marg was off work today also as she has had an awful sore throat, there must be something going around. I was in bed about 9PM last night and Dad brought me spa hot drink and some Aspirins so I am going to bed as soon as I finish your letter because I am going to work tomorrow.
I was talking to your Mother today and she is fine. She goes up to Aunt Mattie’s this afternoon and she is just about the same. Aunt Agnes gave her some money for your Christmas present but instead of sending it down to you, she is going to give it to me to take down to you. Will that be OK? We had a nice card from those friends of yours in Philadelphia, so I am going to get the address for you and would you mind sending them one too? I am going to write all my cards and wrap all my presents on Sunday and get that off my mind because next week we will be very busy.
You were saying Bill dear that we could buy the dishes and the cutlery down there but I will take some of our own dishes and I will buy some cutlery here as I think it will be much cheaper. I am also going to take my toaster down with me in the case we may need it.
Grandpa has just came in and boy is it ever cold. We had quite a snowfall last night and the snow is very deep. Mother and Dad are just going up to see Aunt Agnes as they are going to buy the house. Mother was down at the War Time Price and Trade Board today finding out all about it so I think they can get it OK, but we don’t know for sure but they are going up to see her anyways to get things settled up just in case everything goes according to plan. Mother got her notice for this house and we have to be out by March 20th.
I went down yesterday and got my berth and the man said I was lucky because that was just about the last one, so everything is OK dear. Just think in 9 days darling and I will be on my way down to you and dear if you only knew how much I am looking forward to getting down to you, but you will see for yourself when I get down there. I am getting terribly excited because my darling it will be about 4 months since I last saw you and it seems years. They are just playing “when you are a long, long way from home” on the radio and I think it should be a long long way from someone you love.
Oh I forgot to tell you dear you received a lovely Christmas card from Alex Aitken, your Mother was telling me but I guess she will be forwarding it on to you. She was also talking to Jack Arther and Alex is still in England and she said something about him becoming a Flight Lieutenant and that he was going to get in with Stan. She was also telling Jack that you had been talking to his chum. Gosh dear pretty soon there will not be any fellows around here. It seems funny walking along the Danforth as you walk for blocks and never see anyone you know but there are still a lot of fellows not in uniform.
I am going to find out about my cabin trunk and Bill if I can get it checked on the train I may as well do that because it won’t cost me nothing, but I will let you know whatever I decide to.
That is very nice of the landlady to do the washing of our bedding. I hope I won’t be too much bother to her but perhaps she could help me with the cooking if I do any, but we will see about that when I come down, but darling as I said before do not expect much.
By the way darling I am not sure what to expect of Halifax, as you really have only told me about the station and the shows that you go to. Is it the same as it is here? I hope I can certainly fit in with the other Air Force wives.
So dearest I will close now but I will write you on Sunday.
All my love my darling,



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