December 6th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very nice but short letter, but darling I certainly look forward to them.
It is now Sunday night and I have just finished listening to Guy Lombardo who was on the Band Wagon and he was very good. Auntie Polly and Uncle Bill have just come in so I guess I want be going to my bed very early. Billy is in this weekend but he is up at his girlfriends, I think they are getting real serious.
Well dear, now lets see what I have done since I last wrote you. Thursday night Marg had a shower for Rena and there was about 30 people here so I was late getting to bed, it was about 1AM, but we had a very nice shower. Friday night Ann and I had a shower for Marg and there was about 14 people there. We had the shower up at Ann’s house and had a very nice evening.
Claude, that’s Ann’s brother is a regular jitter bug fiend and has 127 records, so you can imagine the fun we had trying to play all those records. He has all the new ones, so I was getting caught up on my music. He wants Irene, Jessie, Marg and myself to come up some night and have a regular old jam session but for the next 3 weeks I don’t think I will be having a free evening. I am working Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 8:30PM, including Saturday afternoon, which we started last Saturday.
Then I am staying downtown for supper and a show with Helen Allan on Tuesday as she wants to see me before I go down to Halifax. Then Thursday night is the lodge dance, and they are having a Christmas party for the children, so we are going to take baby Beverley and show her off. So there is my whole week filled up. I won’t be able to go over and see your Mom and Dad until next week. I feel awful, but I just can’t help it with my busy schedule. I do phone her every night.
Your Mom was going to come to our shower on Friday but she only dropped in for a minute as she was going up to see Aunt Mattie. I phoned her this afternoon to let her know that I had received a letter from you yesterday. I asked her if she had heard from you and she said no, but she was sort of hurt Bill dear because yesterday was her Birthday and she thought she might have had a card from you, but I guess it just slipped you mind. Its just too bad dear, that you didn’t remember to tell me and I could have sent her a card. She was going up to see Aunt Mattie because Bill darling she is going down fast. She went to there bed last week and has never been up since. Your poor Mother is terribly worried and she seems to be so terribly downhearted so Bill dear, please write her and sheer her up a wee bit. I was going to ask her to the show but I don’t know when. Marg was going to send Aunt Mattie and Aunt Agnes and your Mom and invitation to her wedding but your Mom said not to bother, but if Aunt Mattie was OK that your Mother would come to the wedding.
I bought you Dad a nice grey sweater, and I was going to get your Mother stalkings and underwear and also you Aunt a set of underwear. I was going to say they were from you and I but you could send them up something small if you wanted to. I was thinking about getting your Uncle Jack a pair of socks but darling, if you can think of anything to get them other than what I have suggested please let me know.
You were saying you were having cold weather where you are but I don’t think you could be having any colder than what we are having here because she sure is cold! Marg, Irene and I were down to Doris’ for our fitting and darling they look grand, mine is pale blue and I was just wishing that you were home here to see me in it, but I guess it will have to wait.
Bill darling, that room you have picked for us, it is furnished isn’t it? Be sure and let me know exactly what to bring down, you could maybe ask that Airforce fellow’s wife what she had to bring down with her, then I would know for sure what to bring down. That is the only thing that worries me, but I certainly am looking forward to taking the train trip.
You were saying that you 2 surprises would be better than mine, so I will take you up on that 50 cent bet, but darling I hope you like my surprises because your opinion means more to me than anything else, but you haven’t very long to wait, just 3 more weeks.
I am sorry dear that I had to stop for a wee while, as Billy McKenzie has just dropped in and he has brought his girlfriend in and I had to stop writing and go through and talk to her. She is a very nice girl and she also works at Easton’s in the cash office. They have just gone home as Bill has to leave on the 11:30PM train back to Camp Borden. He is looking good and is putting weight on or maybe it is the heavy uniforms they have to wear.
Mother has just gone up to bed and Dad is making the baby’s bottle up. Mom is awful tired, I don’t think she will ever be the same as she used to be, by 9 o’clock at night she is ready for her bed, but the baby takes an awful lot out off her, but perhaps when Beverley is walking Mother might feel a lot better. I guess that is what happens when you have a baby at 40.
I am fine though dear, but I think I have stopped putting on weight (for a while), but I am eating like a horse and that is supposed to be a bad sign. I laughed at Marg the other night, she was saying that I would have to give her a few hints because she said it would be just her luck to get caught the first time, so good o’l me gave her a few (HA HA) I don’t think Marg and Ted ever had real talks like we used to have and darling I am certainly glad we did have those talks. Marg was asking me if I was scared he first night and I told her I wasn’t, I was just thrilled. I don’t know why people should be afraid the first night especially if they are with their one true love.
Well my darling, I will close now because it is was past your wee wife bedtime and as you say I must get plenty of rest and that goes for you too.
So write soon dear and loving you very, very much;


XXXXXXXXXXXX – I hope to give you a lot of these soon

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