December 2nd, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very nice letter yesterday dear and I know I really should have written you yesterday but I’ve been so darn busy the last 3 days that I have not had the time to do anything. It is noon on Wednesday now and the wind is really blowing a sou’ western boy I’m certainly a real blue-noser now with all those nautical terms and everything.
So you are doing all your shopping dear good, and I hope that you bought something nice for yourself because darling if I was home I would be buying my darling wife something all the time because dear I really think that is what husbands are for. I am going to get my Mom and Dad and my aunts a little something from down here and you go and get whatever you want to dear for them as well.
I’m sorry dear that I confused you about when you should leave for down here but I was to start my leave on the 28th but it was changed to the 29th and so that is why I wanted you to leave on the 28th so darling if you leave on the morning of the 28th you will arrive on the night of the 29th. I am going to the accounts department this afternoon and get a warrant for you dear and I’ll send it down either in my next letter or the next week anyway.
I am glad that you are getting lots of rest because dear you are certainly going to need it. Oh dear, if you only knew how much I’m looking forward to being with the sweetest little girl in the world and incidentally the one I am very much in love with. Well it is only a few more weeks and then…..
Well let me see now. I’ve got a couple of places all lined up but I think I’ve got the right one picked out. It is $25 a month darling and dear I just want to tell you that someday I’ll make it up to you for starting our married life in one room because in the near future I hope that we will have a real nice little bungalow and lots and lots of children running around. It sounds swell to me darling how about you?
We are having a motion picture tonight and tomorrow night, we are having a wrestling and boxing show again on Friday night and that is our program for the week and that is the reason why I do not need any additional money dear so don’t worry about we getting broke. Rex is quite the boy eh? I guess he is winning the war all by himself well I guess he has seen a little more action then we are.
So you have a couple of surprises too well you tell me your and I’ll tell you mine. Oh I guess one had better wait until we see one another because it will be a lot more fun that way dopnt you think so dear? But I bet mine are bigger surprises than your and I will bet you 50 cents.
I saw by the Toronto Star that Michael Ayres and the Mondernaires and Paul Firman were all at the Royal York last night, boy we certainly would have bene out on the town if I was there wouldn’t we dear? I’m looking forward to doing a lot of stepping out with you when we are together down here.
I think that I’ll have to do my letter writing in the letter room from now on because the boys are certainly making a lot go noise right now and I can’t concentrate at all. So dear I just hop that you will overlook all my mistakes in this letter but darling I’m certainly not making a mistake when I say that I love you more than anything else in the world and look after yourself dear because I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to you dear.
So darling with all my heart I remain you ever loving husband,



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