December 2, 1942

Hello Dearest;

I am sorry that I did not get the chance to write you last night, but I guess you will forgive me (I hope)?
How are you darling? Well what can I tell you, gosh it is cold here tonight and I think today has been the coldest we have had. What a happy thought darling to think that you will be keeping me warm in just about 3 weeks time. Gosh the time is sure going fast but it can’t go to fast to suit me. Pardon me dear as I step away and have a cup of tea. Now I have had my cup of tea I feel much better except that I am so awful tired. I am just about dropping. I guess I won’t get any rest until I come down to Halifax (I only kidding darling) as I certainly don’t want to rest when I come down there.
I have just finished polishing upstairs, Dad helped me as Marg is having a shower here tomorrow and as she was working tonight until 9 she would be too tired to do it when she comes home so Dad and I did it. They are through in the front room putting the decorations up so as soon as I finish your letter I will go through and help them.
Last night the office had a a shower for Marg and she got some grands things we had to go away out to the west end of the city and what a night it was just pouring rain, We were in the most beautiful home, I think I was ever in. It was the home of Inspector Crosby of the police force and Bill you should have seen he recreation room, that is where we had the shower. It was grand, what a swell place for a party. Mr Simpson called for us, and for once the old so-in-so was is in good humour. I was sitting in front with him and Mrs Simpson and he was kidding me all the way home. As for Mrs Simpson, it looked like she was sitting on a piece of glass, as you can only imagine. Oh, something else I was going to tell you, poor Ted had another accident. It seems he was driving a truck or something and he fell off and hit his head and was unconscious for about 5 hours and he has a concussion and was int he hospital. As much as I dislike the old guy I feel sorry for him, he has had nothing but bad luck since he went to Newfoundland. I think he has just about lived in the hospital since he went there. Marg was worried about him but I guess he is OK now because his Mother had a letter from him yesterday.
I am glad darling that you have a place for us to stay not that I was worried but I feel better now. Be sure and let me know that I will need to bring down with me. Darling I can hardly wait to hear the good news you have to tell me, and I can hardly wait to hear it with my own ears and not imagine what your voice sounds like in my head. But gosh Bill dear, 3 weeks is an awful long time to wait to hear the news, but I guess I will have to wait and Bill dearest don’t worry about me enjoying the train trip down because I know I will. I am looking forward to it very much because it will be the first time I have travelled alone and I don’t care if I have to stand all the way as lone as I am on my way down to you.
Oh Bill, you will never guess who I ran into on the street outside of work, but Dot McGee! She threw her arms around me and gave my such a hug it almost crushed me. I was afraid to hug her back because she looked so skinny and gaunt, I think she has been burning both ends of the candle. She told me that she is now in another office, which is not the same as when we worked together, she is now working for one of the department heads, and she get along swell with him (I think we both know what that really means). She had to run off and do an errand for him but she said to give you her love and and that we should get together real soon. I would like that, as I miss that old broad.
I am having a shower for Marg on Friday and your Mom is coming to take one also, gosh she sure has been good at turning out for Marg’s showers.
You were saying you were talking to an old Wilkinson pal but you didn’t say what his name was. Gee Alex is certainly lucky if he gets his commission and gets posted back to Canada, but as you say I guess he deserves it. I wonder how Stan is making out?
I was talking to Helen Allen today and she was saying that a large number of R.C.A.F fellows had landed in England and she thinks Jack was probably one of them so she is just anxiously waiting to het a telegram from hime, I am going to the show with her next week as that will be the only chance I will have before I leave for Halifax.
I phoned Doris tonight but she was out as Bob is home for 3 days leave as she is being posted to Kingston so they are making hay while the sun shines.
Bill oh dear just you watch that those Halifax women don’t get too enthusiastic with you and if they are just watch out. Well dearest I really must finish now as I have a lot to do before I go to bed but I will try and write you Friday, but if not I will write you Sunday for sure. Oh I forget to tell you dear I got your cheque OK and it was for $75. I can see that is it unless to say that you shouldn’t give me so much.
But darling I promise I will give you a lot when I come down. Loving you with all my heart,



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