November 29th, 1942

Hi Darling:

Here I am again and it is Sunday night and I have just finished listening to the Band Wagon and gosh, it sure was good but I guess you heard it. You know darling this may seem crazy to you but every time I listen to the bands on the radio it makes you see me close to me and I can just picture the 2 of us dancing together and I always feel much better after I listen to music.
They all think I am listening to that “hot” music, but I think you understand me. I mean Mom, Pop and Marg think I am nuts.
Well dear what is new with you? Have you been behaving yourself, or have you been misbehaving with those Halifax girls. I just finished washing my hair and as soon as I finish your letter I am going to hit the hay.
Thursday night I went over to see you Mom and Dad and they are both fine dear. I think your Dad is going to write you today. I have just finished trying to get your Mom on the phone but the line was busy but I will try in a few minutes.
I gave your Mom and Dad a nice cut glass bowl with a silver band around it from us and a nice card for their anniversary and they were all thrilled about it Bill. Your Dad kept raving about it all night. Bill dear after the way Mr. and Mrs Simpson have acted towards Marg it certainly made me appreciate having such a grand mother-in-law and father-in-law because they are very good to me. Your Mother was asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her I really hadn’t thought much about it, the only thing I think is how soon it will be before I am down there with you. She was asking if I wanted something for the house that we will eventually get or something just for me. I decided that I wanted something for the house and she gave me the money to go buy it, and I decided on those bathroom hampers I always wanted. I bought a green on and it is just swell.
Oh darling just think of all the fun we will have once this awful war is over, planning things together, being together in the same place.
Friday night as I told you Auntie Lizzie and Mom had a shower for Marg and we all have a grand time. Your Mom and Aunt Agnes were there and there was about 45 people there altogether. Mrs Simpson sat in a corner with a sour look on her face, waiting for everyone to come to her. But I just smiled and never even spoke to her. Everybody was asking about my husband, but you would not know half of them if I told you.
Darling would you please make up your mind, once you said your leave would start on the 28th and now you say it will start on the 29th. I was all set to leave on the 27th, if I could get a train leaving then, but now I don’t know if I should leave on the 28th so be sure and let me know.
Last night I went to the show with Hazel Coswell . We went to the Oakwood theatre and saw “Holliday Inn” with Bing Crosby and it was a fantastic picture, but I guess you have seen it because you always seee the new pictures before they get here. Hazel was telling me that Rex won’t be coming home because he is flying spitfires. I think that guy strings her along. One minute he is doing one thing and then the next minute he is doing another. I was home and in bed by 12 o’clock which I think was very good.
Yesterday afternoon Dad had to go over to Auntie Lizzie’s and pick Marg’s things up, so Mother and I went with him and we took Beverley with us and went and saw Auntie Mattie and Aunt Agnes as they wanted to see the baby. Your Mother was also there and so was Miss Virtue and she told me to give her love to you. Aunt Agnes and Uncle Jack are fine. Aunt Mattie was in bed but she came downstairs when we came in. She is not looking too bad and she was asking for you. Oh I forgot to tell you your Mom got her teeth yesterday and they look very nice. I was just talking to her just now and she says they are hurting her a wee bit and she cannot eat that much. Your Dad is writing you tonight also so I guess you will get his letter the same time as mine.
Everybody is fine here except Mom is tired. She gets very tired because Beverley takes a lot out of her. Beverley was at the shower Friday night and she stole the whole show. By the time you get back here dear she will be a big girl. She is also getting so spoiled. I bought her a playpen for Christmas from us, is that OK with you dear? I didn’t think you would mind.
I am going to do all my shopping tomorrow because the 20% off at work stops on Tuesday. I am going to get you Dad as sweater. I don’t know what I am going to get your Mom but I will think of something.
Well dearest I will close now as I am going to have a cup of tea but I will try and write you Tuesday. I will not promise because I am going to the shower for Marg on Tuesday and Thursday night Marg is having a shower for her girlfriend as she is being married the same day as Marg.
With that then, all my love and loving you with all thy heart darling,



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