November 28th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

I received you letter yesterday dear and as usual I was very glad to hear from you. Well at long last the winter has hit us down here and really with a bang too. There is about 60 M.P.H gales blowing around and you can bet little Willie won’t be sticking his nose out today.
Well darling I’ve made reservations at the Lord Nelson Hotel for us darling beginning on the 29th of December so if you leave on the morning of the 28th you will get in here on the night of the 29th because that is all it takes , only 2 days to come down. I’ve also got a wee little place lined up darling. There is an Airman there now but he is getting posted out and he is going to speak to the landlady about us but he says that is will be OK for us, and from what he has told me it is not bad at all. The lady who owns the place said that we can use the kitchen anytime we want. So darling it won’t be long now and I don’t think I’ve look forward to anything so much before, not even getting married.
I was talking to the boys in the accounts department and they said I would not need to get the warrant for another couple of weeks and I will pay for everything down here and all you will do is take it down to the station and turn it in for a train ticket and make your reservations. I don’t think you will need to bring so much more than what we have already discuss and I am sure you will do just fine packing but I will leave it up to you.
Well dear I’ve certainly got a lot to tell you (and show you and give you) when you come down here and I heard something today that if it comes true it will be the sweetest thing I have ever heard. But I cannot write it down in my letter so when I see you I will tell you all about it, and I will be waiting for you at the train station when you arrive at 5PM. The only thing that worries me is that the train can be a little crowded so dear, take lots to read and take along some apples and fruit and candy to nibble on in between your meals. Because I want you to enjoy the trip and consider this a vacation or even a second honeymoon and darling I’ll do everything in my power to make it just that.
I was talking to an old Wilkinson school pal, and you know him yourself, he used to chum around with Jack Aitken and he is on General Duties going up to Newfoundland and I don’t envy him one bit but we can’t pick our stations. Well anyway he was saying Jack told him that they boys up there in Newfoundland are pretty wild and are going crazy with the all the gals in town, so I hope Ted knows how to behave himself, but that is all his business.
I have not done very much lately. I went to the show Tuesday night, Wednesday night another concert, Thursday night another show and last night we had a dance. I went for an hour but I got so fed up that I left and went to bed. Honestly darling these woman down here aren’t nearly as sweet and loving as a certain little girl back in Toronto that I love very much.
Well all the boys have finally gone out and I can get a little peace in here and I’ll be able to write a little more than you can understand. They are all going down to do their Christmas shopping, boy I’m glad I can leave that to you. By the way dear have you got your cheque yet because I want you to use that for everything that you need at all and as I said in my last letter don’t worry about me because I’ve got all I need to keep me going.
Well now I’ve got something really good to tell you do you know what I had on my radio last night? C.F.R.B and Bert Niosi, boy do I ever feel proud. But it brought back a lot of nice memories darling do you remember all the nights we used to go down there? Oh well we will be able to have a lot more fun when we go out together as a very happy married couple and they way I love you dear we certainly will be happy. Just think in another 5 days we will be married 4 months. Yes sir, this little holiday of ours next month will be a mother honeymoon and boy, what a honeymoon!
I’m expecting a little letter from my Mother soon so I’ll write her as soon as I hear from her. I’m sorry to hear that she is not quite up to par and I really feel badly about not being able to see her and Pop at Christmas but I’ll be getting my leave in 2 or 3 months if I want so I will be getting home then.
Well darling I want you to get lots of sleep in the next three weeks as you will certainly need them and so darling until then as usual I’ll end by saying I love you so very, very much and I’ll be seeing you very,. very soon.

Love Bill


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